Android Unlock – Complete Guide To Remove PIN, Pattern, Fingerprint, Face Lock & Bypass FRP Lock

Android Unlock Software can (1) unlock Android device which has any passcode like pattern lock, PIN lock, password lock, face lock and fingerprint lock in a few minutes. And most Samsung phones or tablets locked screen can be removed without losing data. (2) Disable Google account FRP lock on Samsung phones/tablets without entering the password. Anyone can use this tool, no matter whatever the reason for the device gets locked. Below follow the steps to unlock/bypass locked screen easily and use your Android device.

Part 1: Steps To Remove Passcode From Android Locked Screen

From the software home screen select “Remove Screen Lock” mode. Here you will find two modes to unlock your Android device. One is Remove without Data Loss (for Samsung Devices only) and another is Remove Screen Lock for All Android Devices.

Mode 1: Steps To Remove Screen Lock Without Data Loss

Step 1: Connect Your Android Device

On your Windows computer download and install Android Unlock software.

Then from the main screen select “Remove Screen Lock” option.

Step 2: Choose And Check Your Android Phone/Tablet Details

From the main screen select “Remove Without Data Loss” mode.

Click on “Start” button.

Now, you need to choose your name and model, after that hit on “Start”. Confirm your device detail and click on “Confirm” to proceed further.

Step 3: Download Your Device Data Package

Now the software will begin downloading your device data package.

Once it gets completed then click “Next”.

Step 4: Connect and Put Your Device In Downloading Mode

With the help of USB cable connect your device to your PC.

After that follow the onscreen steps to put your device in Downloading Mode. When your device is in “Download Mode”, you need to click on “Start to Unlock” button.

Step 5: Unlock Your Device Without Losing Data

Now the Android Screen Lock Removal software will begin to disable your device screen lock.

Congratulations! Your Samsung device screen lock has been unlocked successfully.

Mode 2: Unlock/Bypass Locked Screen For All Android Phones & Tablets [Data Loss]

Step 1: Connect Your Android Device

Download and install Android Unlock software on your PC. Select “Remove Screen Lock” mode.

Hit on “Start” option to continue.

Note: Your device data will be wiped after unlocking your device screen lock.

By using USB cable connect your device with your PC. Now, it will automatically show the device details.

Note: If your device is not detected or if your device in Recovery mode then click on “Click Here” text on the screen.

Step 2: Confirm Your Android Device Details

The Android Lock Screen Removal tool will detect your phone/tablet details by itself. Confirm the details are correct and hit on “Start to Unlock” to proceed further.

Note: If the device detail is wrong then provide correct device details manually.

Now, you need to wait for a few minutes to complete the download and send the data package to your phone.

Step 3: Remove The Passcode

Follow the steps provided on the screen to reset your Android phone or tablet and wait until the program removed the passcode of your locked Android screen.

Done! Your device successfully unlocked your device passcode.

Part 2: Steps To Remove Google FRP Lock

Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone/Tablet

On your Windows computer download and install Android Unlock software.

Then from the main screen select “Remove Google Lock (FRP)” option.

Now, click on “Start” button and connect your device with your PC using a USB cable.

Step 2: Choose And Check Your Android Device Details

Your phone/tablets will be automatically recognized and your device detail will be displayed on the screen. Check it and if any detail is wrong then correct it. After that hit on “Next” button to continue.

Now, enter your device in Recovery Mode by using the steps provided on the screen. Then click on “Next” button. Choose your device Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or you can manually enter it. Next, choose the correct carrier and country. Then hit on “Download” button and proceed.

Step 3: Prepare Data Package For Your Device

Once the PDA info gets confirmed, the Unlock Android tool will begin to find and download the data package for your smartphone.

When the download process gets completed, you need to click on “Start to Extract” option to unpack the device data package.

Now, you need to follow the instructions from the screen to enter into Downloading Mode and click on “Start” button.

Now, begin the data installation process to confirm the steps by entering “000000”.

Once it successfully gets installed, you need to follow the steps to enable the “USB debugging” and “OEM unlock” on your smartphone. Again confirm the OEM unlock.

Step 4: Download Firmware Package For Your Android Phone/Tablet

Now, reset your device by following the instructions. Once the reset process gets over, again boot your device in Downloading Mode to download the firmware package for your phone.

Once the firmware packed for your device gets downloaded, click “Start to extract” and this will make the firmware for your phone.

Step 5: Unlock The Google Lock

When the firmware extraction gets finished, Android Unlock tool will bypass Google verification or Google lock. Wait for few minutes till it gets completed.

Congratulations! Your Android device is unlocked from Google Account lock. And now you can use your device without verifying Google account.

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