How To Fix Can’t Upload Video To Tinder

How To Solve Can't Upload Video To Tinder

If you are unable to upload videos on your Tinder profile?

No worries, there are users who often face such issues.

Tinder is a dating platform where photos and videos help to show your personality and increase the likelihood of a match.

Users usually disappoint with this issue and keep asking questions such as “Why does Tinder say error failed to upload video?”.

However, in this guide, you will learn how can you solve can’t upload video to Tinder.

This guide will help you upload videos on Tinder with some troubleshooting fixes.

First, let’s check what causes this problem.

Cause: Why Is My Video Not Uploading On Tinder?

There can be plenty of reasons for it, but we are highlighting the most responsible factors for causing this problem.

1. Tinder Server Is Down.

2. Poor & Unstable Internet Connection.

3. File Size of Your Video.

4. Due to Bugs & Glitches.

5. Tinder Video Format Is Unsupported.

6. Outdated App.

7. Corrupted Cache Files.

These are some common and responsible causes for this issue.

However, doesn’t matter what causes the problem, we need to fix it as quickly as possible.

So, let’s move forward to the solutions.

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How To Solve Can’t Upload Video To Tinder

The solutions mentioned in this guide will work both for photos and videos. So, whether your video or media not uploading on Tinder, you can fix it both by following the solutions.

#1. Check Tinder App Server Status

The first thing you should check is the server status of the app whenever you face Tinder failed to process video error.

It might be the server itself is down. You can check the Tinder app server status from the Downdetector website.

Check Server Status Of Tinder

If it’s down, then nothing you can do to solve it. Just wait until the server working again.

If the server isn’t the problem, then move forward to the next solution.

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#2. Restart The App & Device

Whenever an app causes some issues, there are always bugs and glitches behind it.

A common app and device restart can fix such minor glitches. So, restart your phone and app and try uploading the video again.

#3. Check Your Internet Connection

Another reason can be the poor internet. A slow connection may load the app but not the video and the other things.

So, try switching to fast Wi-Fi and try running a speed test to check how fast your internet is.

You can enable/disable Airplane Mode, if you are using mobile data, it can refresh the connections.

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#4. Update Tinder App

If you are using the older version of the app, then it is obvious to cause such an issue.

Because there might be a slightest change in the app which doesn’t include in the older version.

So, try updating the app to the latest version and try uploading again.

These are the steps to follow.

For Android Users:

Step 1: Open Google Play Store and tap on the Search bar and type Tinder.

Step 2: Check if there is a green colored Update button, just tap on it to download and install the new version.

Update Tinder App

For iOS Users:

Step 1: Navigate to App Store > Profile.

Step 2: Now, find Tinder from the list and tap on the Update button.

Update Tinder From App Store

#5. Upload A Different Video

Sometimes, the problem is in the video which can be not supported by the app, in such a case it failed to process the video.

You can try this workaround to check if the problem is in the video or if something else is causing it.

So, try uploading a different video with a small file size just for checking, if it uploads normally, then here is your answer.

Move to the next solution if you want to upload the same video and not a different one.

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#6. Reduce Video File Size

On Tinder, you can upload an image with 600*848 pixels and a video with a 9:16 ratio. If your video or image size is beyond the app specifications, then it may fail to upload.

For example, Tinder does not support videos with more than 1080P resolutions, because they are bulky and take a few minutes to load.

Since, no one wants to spend a lot of time just loading a video of your profile, reducing file size can be really useful for you.

Try uploading the videos under the app specifications and you will not face this problem.

#7. Check Your Video Is In MP4 Format

If you are still not able to fix the problem, then try checking your video format.

Tinder prefers MP4 format video files because they are smaller in size and even store video information.

MP4 has many advantages like, it can provide the video file size as smaller as possible without interrupting the quality.

So, if your video is not in MP4 format, then change it and try uploading again.

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#8. Clear Cache Of App

A corrupted app cache can cause many issues in the app. It might be the Tinder app cache file also gets corrupted, in such a situation, what’s better than clearing the cache.

It will delete existing cache files and load new files when you open the app.

These are the steps to follow.

Step 1: On your Home screen, tap and hold the Tinder app for a while, then tap on App Info.

Step 2: Now, select Storage from there and tap Clear Cache.

Clear Cache Of Tinder App

Now, open the app and try again.

#9. Offload The App (iOS)

If you are an iOS user, you can try to offload the app, if you are facing such a problem on your iOS.

These are the steps to do so.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Step 2: Now, choose Tinder, then tap Offload App.

Step 3: Lastly, tap on Reinstall App.

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#10. Turn Off VPN

If you are using a VPN and uploading a video, then it may not fail to upload as VPNs usually affect the internet connection speed by delaying it and making your network unstable.

So, try turning it off for a while, once you upload the video you can turn it back on.

#11. Force Stop Tinder

This workaround will help you prevent bugs and problematic updates. There are times when bugs or malicious updates cause such issues.

However, force-stopping the app will be the most reliable way to prevent such a situation.

Once you do it, all the other activities going on in the app will be stopped and start working again once you start the app again.

These are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Tap and hold the Tinder app on your home screen, then tap on App Info.

Step 2: After that, simply tap on Force Stop.

Force Stop Tinder

Now, use the app again as usual.

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#12. Reinstall The App

This workaround will help you to fix any app-related problems and it’s one of the most working workarounds.

Try uninstalling Tinder and installing it again, it can fix the bugs and glitches, and other problems in the app easily.

Once, you uninstall it, then follow the below-mentioned steps.

For Android:

Step 1: Open Google Play Store and tap on the Search bar, then search Tinder.

Step 2: Now, tap on the Install button.

Re-Install Tinder From Google Play Store

For iOS:

Step 1: Open App Store and search for Tinder from the Search bar.

Step 2: Lastly, tap on the Get button.

Re-Install Tinder From App Store

#13. Contact Tinder And Report The Problem

If none of the above solutions work for you, then at last you can submit a request to Tinder for more assistance and to report the issue to them.

Submit A Request To Tinder

They will reply to you with a solution, just wait until they contact you.

You can also browse other alternative guides for the issue on their page.

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People Also Ask

Question: Why Isn’t My Video Showing Up On Tinder?

Answer: If a photo or a video not showing on your profile, then it might be Tinder detects a violation of terms of use from your picture and remove it to protect their community guidelines.

Make sure you don’t upload videos or pictures that may violate their terms of use because Tinder did remove videos once they detect them.

Question: Can We Upload Videos On Tinder?

Answer: Yes, you can even upload videos on Tinder. It will make it easier to people to understand your personality better.

Question: Why Is My Media Not Uploading On Tinder?

Answer: There are several reasons for not uploading media on Tinder such as poor internet connection, unsupported image file size, or the app itself being down.

Hope you will avoid such scenarios and try again.

Wrapping Up

Here is the completion of the solution as well as the guide, I hope the solutions mentioned in this article may help you get out of the problem of can’t upload videos to Tinder.

No doubt, Tinder is well maintained but its server also goes down sometimes, in such a situation you can’t upload images and videos as well as unable to open Tinder.

Remember these small things, and try again.

If this guide, help you to get rid of this problem, then you can share this post with others.

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