Copy Link Option Not Showing on Instagram? Here How To Fix!

Fix Instagram Copy Link Option Not Showing

Instagram allows users to share reels, stories and posts and other users can watch, like, and share with others by copying links.

However, there have been issues. Users are not seeing the option to copy links for a reel post.  So, in this guide, you are going to know about how to fix the copy link option not showing on Instagram.

Why You Are Not Able To See Copy Link Option On Instagram?

Why copy link option missing from Instagram?

You don’t see the copy link option in the reel post, because Instagram has moved it.

Earlier, you were able to copy link of a reel or story post by simply tapping on the 3 dots followed by the link. And now when you click on 3 dots, you will only see “Save” option.

The link option has been moved to share icon. Above the 3 dots, you will see the paper plane icon – this is the icon you have to tap on to copy link.

How To Fix Copy Link Option Not Showing On Instagram

In order to fix the copy link option, you simply need to tap on Share icon, instead of three dots. The share icon is in a paper plane icon just above the three dots.

After clicking on the share icon, tap on “Copy Link” to copy the link of the reel, story or post.

There is also an alternate way. You may download the older version of Instagram to get back the copy link option in its original place, where it was earlier.

There are also more solutions to fix the issue if the above solutions don’t help. It includes clearing the cache of the app, updating the app, restarting the device, and so on.

Fix #1: Get The Copy Link Option By Tapping On Share Icon (Paper Plane Icon)

  • Open any reel, story or post of which you want to copy URL.
  • Now, tap on “Share” icon. It looks like paper plane icon.
  • Finally, tap on “Copy link” to copy its link.

Fix Copy Link Option Not Showing on Instagram

Fix #2: Install Older Version Of The Instagram App

First of all, uninstall the Instagram app from your Android phone.

  • Then go to websites such as or and search for Instagram.
  • Select the ‘older version’ and install the older version of the app
  • Now, open Instagram app, log in to your account and then you will be able to see the “Copy Link” to its original place i.e., on three dots and you can also copy the link from there.

More Solutions To Fix Instagram Copy Link Missing or Not Showing

If the above two solutions don’t work for you and still the copy link is missing or not showing, then here follow these solutions:

  • Restart your device: Restarting the device has been one of the effective solutions that can fix several major and minor issues. So, restart your device and then check.
  • Update Instagram App: If your app is outdated, then it is suggested that you must update your Instagram app. Open Play Store or App Store and search for Instagram and tap on “Update” button.
  • Log out and login: Go to Instagram Profile > Menus > Settings > Tap on “Log out”. Close the app, open it again and login back to your account.
  • Clear Cache and Clear Data of Instagram App: On your phone, go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Instagram > Storage > Tap on “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”.
  • Check If Instagram Server Is Down: You can check Instagram server status on And if you find that it is down currently, then you can do anything about it. In such case simply wait, until the problem is solved by Instagram and its server is Up.
  • Re-Install Instagram App: When nothing works, then re-install the Instagram app. First, uninstall it and then Open Play Store on Android or open the App store on iPhone and install the app from there.

Bottom Line

So, that was the guide and I hope it has helped you in fixing the copy link option not showing or missing on Instagram.

And if it helped you, then please share it, as it might help others.

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