How To Recover Deleted or Lost Videos On Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Video Recovery

Nowadays, data loss has become a common problem and every user had faced this problem on their smartphone and some are going through it. If you have also lost data like videos from your Samsung Galaxy phone and it is very urgent to recover, but you don’t know how to recover or you do not have any backup of lost videos.

Don’t Panic! This guide will introduce some working solutions on how to recover deleted videos from Samsung Galaxy Phone with or without any backup of deleted videos.

Solution 1: Get Back Deleted Videos On Samsung Galaxy Using Google Drive Backup

Every Android user link their phone with Google account and the same account is used to create a backup in Google Drive. So, if you have created a backup of videos to Google Drive before they get deleted from your Samsung phone then it becomes very easy to restore the lost videos from Samsung Galaxy phone using that backup.

Below, follow the steps to restore deleted videos from Samsung Galaxy using Google Drive backup.

Step 1: Open your Google Drive on your phone or open Google Drive webpage in any browser.

Step 2: All the uploaded files will be available there, including videos.

Step 3: Now, select the videos that you wish to restore and download them from there.

Recover Deleted Videos On Samsung Galaxy Via Google Drive Backup

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Solution 2: Recover Deleted Videos From Samsung Galaxy Via Dropbox Backup

If you have kept a backup of videos from your Galaxy phone to Dropbox then it will take few minutes to restore them back.

Below, follow the steps to restore lost or deleted videos from Samsung Galaxy using Dropbox backup.

Step 1: Open and log in to it with the same account.

Step 2: After that hit on “Files”.

Step 3: Then click on “Deleted files”.

Step 4: Now, choose the desired videos.

Step 5: Then click on “Restore” to get back deleted videos.

Recover Data From Dropbox

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Solution 3: Retrieve Deleted Videos On Samsung Galaxy From Recycle/Trash Bin

Samsung provides Recycle Bin option in their smartphone where all the deleted data including videos get stored after the deletion. So, you can check your Recycle Bin, if the deleted videos which you want to get back are available or not. If it is there then you can restore it from there to your phone.

Recover Data From Samsung Recycle Or Trash Bin

Here are steps to recover videos from Samsung Galaxy from Recycle Bin.

Step 1: On your Samsung device, open the Gallery app.

Step 2: Then, you need to tap on three dots.

Step 3: Next, tap on Recycle Bin.

Step 4: Now, all the recently deleted videos with other data will be displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Just choose the recoverable videos and restore them.

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Solution 4: Recover Deleted/Lost Videos From Samsung Galaxy Using Kies

Samsung Kies is an app that is made by Samsung. It allows Samsung users to sync and switch data between Samsung device and computer.

So, if you have used Samsung Kies app to back up videos that have been deleted, then follow the below steps to restore them back to your Samsung phone using Kies.

Step 1: On your computer launch Kies.

Step 2: After that use USB cable to connect your Samsung phone with your computer.

Step 3: Now, click on “Back up or Restore” button.

Step 4: Select “Restore data” and select a backup in which the deleted videos are available.

Step 5: Now, choose the videos that you wish to recover.

Step 6: Now, finally click on “Restore” button.

Recover Deleted Samsung Galaxy Data From Samsung Kies

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Solution 5: Restore Deleted Videos On Samsung Galaxy Using Samsung Smart Switch Backup

Samsung Smart Switch is an app where Samsung users can create a backup of Galaxy phone’s data. If you have used this app to backup videos from your Galaxy phone then you can get them back with ease.

Here are the steps on how to restore deleted videos on Samsung Galaxy using Samsung Smart Switch backup.

Step 1: On your Samsung Galaxy phone open the Settings app.

Step 2: Tap on the Backup and restore option and then tap Restore Data.

Step 3: Now, select the videos from there that you want to restore.

Step 4: After that tap on Restore option.


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Solution 6: Recover Deleted Videos On Samsung Galaxy Without Backup

Android Data Recovery is a perfect software to recover deleted videos from Samsung Galaxy phone when you do not have a backup.

The software can also be called as Samsung Galaxy Video Recovery tool allows users to preview the videos before recovery which helps many users to find the correct videos and it saves their time too.

Using this Samsung Video Recovery app you can also recover permanently deleted videos on your Galaxy phone.

Key Features Of Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery Software

  • Recover deleted videos along with other data in various scenarios like system crash, virus or malware infection, black screen, forgotten screen lock password, water damaged, etc.
  • Retrieve deleted videos as well as other data such as contacts, photos, audios, messages, WhatsApp, Gallery, Google Hangouts chats, documents and more.
  • Allow you to selectively restore videos with other data.
  • It recovers videos and other files in very less time.
  • Support all models of Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.

Download/Buy Now Android Data Recovery Tool Now To Recover Deleted or Lost Videos From Samsung Galaxy Phone or Tablet

Below, follow the steps to recover deleted videos From Samsung Galaxy Phone without backup by using Samsung Galaxy Video Recovery software.

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Steps To Recover Deleted Videos From Samsung Galaxy Phone Without Backup

Step 1: Launch Android Data Recovery And Select A Recovery Mode To Begin The Process

First, download and launch Android Data Recovery software on your Windows computer and then choose a recovery mode to begin the process.

 Select “Android Data Recovery” mode.

Step 2: Choose Your Phone/Tablet And Download Data Package

On the “Android Data Recovery” tab click on “Start” button and then you will be asked to confirm if your Android device is Samsung and not other Android phones or tablets. After that choose the right name and model of your Samsung device from the given list.

After that, the software will automatically download the same data package on your Android phones or tablets.

Note: During the whole process you need to keep your PC connected to the internet connection.

Step 3: Connect Your Android Phone/Tablet To PC And Go in Downloading Mode

Once the Recovery Software downloaded, then with the help of USB cable connect your Android phone/tablet to your PC. After that Android Data Recovery tool will lead you to keep your phone/tablet into downloading mode in three easy steps.

Step 4: Choose The Data Types And Scan

When your phone is set in downloading mode, the software will guide you to the recovery interface and select the data types that you want to get back. Then click on “Next” button to scan the selected data.

As the scanning process is in progress, the software will start analyzing your Android phone/tablet.

Step 5: Select The Data Types You Want To Retrieve

When the scanning of your device gets over then all the deleted data from your device will appear in a list. Now you can preview the files that you want to recover. Then you need to click on “Recover” button the get back the selected data. Now, you all the recovered files will be saved on your PC and from here you can easily copy them to your phone.

Bottom Line

With the above 6 solutions, I hope you were able to successfully recover deleted videos from Samsung Galaxy phone. When you do not have any backup of deleted videos then it is highly recommended that you must try Samsung Galaxy Video Recovery software to easily retrieve deleted videos.

If this guide helped you in recovering deleted/lost/missing videos from Samsung Galaxy phone, then you can share it so that it can help others.

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