Facebook Watch Video Icon Not Showing? Here How To Fix!

How To Solve Facebook Watch Video Icon Not Showing

Are you not getting Facebook watch video icon?

Many users are facing this problem recently where the Facebook watch tab missing on their phone.

Facebook is a famous and well-known social media platform where you can discover live events, sports, shows, and many more on the watch tab.

This feature helps you discover new things and easily entertain people by just going to the “Watch” section.

Facebook Watch looks like a TV icon, you will find it on the navigation bar of the app.

In this guide, you will know the methods on how to fix Facebook Watch video icon/option or tab not showing.

Before moving to the fixes, let’s check the reason behind this problem.

Causes: Why Is Watch Video Icon Missing On Facebook?

1. Watch Tab Isn’t Pinned – Facebook Watch tab isn’t showing because its not pinned on navigation bar.

2. Outdated App – An outdated app can also be the reason behind this issue.

3. Corrupted Cache & Data.

4. If you are a new user, then it might be the reason that you are not getting the Facebook Watch video bar, because new users may find it difficult to access it.

These are some common reasons for it.

Now, let’s check the fixes for it.

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How To Solve Watch Video Icon Missing On Facebook

Note: Tap on the TV icon to access Facebook Watch on your navigation bar, if you don’t find it then you might not pin it.

#1. Pin Facebook Watch

The navigation bar is automatically personalized based on your past activities.

If you didn’t pin the Watch tab and do not use it often, then it will be removed from the navigation bar.

Well, Facebook gives you the ability to customize the navigation bar.

Platform set all the options to “Auto”, you need to change it to “Pin”. There are usually three options such as Auto, Pin, and Hide.

These are the steps on how to enable Watch tab on Facebook app.

For iPhone:

Step 1 – Navigate to Facebook > Profile Picture > Settings & Privacy.

Step 2 – Now, go to Settings > Profile settings > Customise (Present under Navigation bar).

Step 3 – Lastly, set Watch to “Pin”.

Pin Watch Video icon on Navigation Bar in Facebook app

For Android:

Step 1 – Go to Facebook > Menu (3 Lines).

Step 2 – Now, scroll down, then tap Settings & Privacy > Settings > Navigation Bar.

Tap on Navigation Bar On Facebook

Step 3 – Now, select Customize the bar, then by default, Watch was set as “Auto”, simply set it to “Pin”.

Select Customize the bar On Facebook

Now, it will be pinned to your navigation bar.

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#2. Clear Cache & Data Of App (Android)

As we mentioned above, Facebook personalized your navigation bar according to your usage.

So, if you don’t use the Watch tab often, then it will be removed. To prevent such a situation, try clearing the app cache and data.

It will remove the existing cache and you need to log in again in the app.

Follow the below-mentioned steps.

Note: The below-mentioned steps may vary on your phone-to-phone model.

Step 1 – Tap and hold the Facebook app icon, then select App Info.

Step 2 – Now, tap on Clear Data.

Step 3 – Then, select Storage and tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Clear Cache & Data of Facebook

Now, open the app and enjoy watching.

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#3. Report The Issue To Facebook

If nothing works for you, then you can report the issue to the Facebook support team for further assistance.

You can contact them by shaking your phone.

First, shake your phone when you don’t find the Watch tab, then select Report A problem and describe your issue.

Select Report A Problem to report the issue to Facebook

When you contact them, they will reply to you with a solution.

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Additional Fixes: How Do I Turn On Watch On Facebook?

These are a few additional fixes that you can try.

1. Update your Facebook app to the latest version.

2. Re-Install the app.

3. Try updating your phone software.

People Also Ask

Why Is My Facebook Video Icon Missing?

These are some reasons behind the Watch video icon missing on Facebook. Maybe you didn’t “Pin” the Watch tab or didn’t update your app to the latest version.

Try the steps mentioned above to do so.

How To Restore Watch Icon In Facebook?

Follow these steps.

On Android:

Go to Facebook > Menu (3 Lines) > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Navigation Bar > Customize the bar > Set “Auto” to “Pin” present next to “Watch”.

On iPhone:

Navigate to Facebook > Profile Picture > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Profile Settings > Customise > Navigation bar > Set “Auto” to “Pin” located beside the Watch option.

You can check other methods mentioned in the article if it does not solve the problem.

Bottom Line

Finally, here is the completion of this guide, today’s topic was “How to fix Facebook Watch video icon not showing”.

I hope you have learned the new and interesting methods to fix this issue.

Also, a huge thanks for reading this guide, if you find this post helpful, then do share it with others. It will help them also.

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