Phone Got Bent? Here’s How To Fix A Bent Phone!

Best Solutions To Fix A Bent Phone

Has your phone got bent? Want to know the cause behind bent of your phone. And also how to fix a bent phone, and how to prevent your phone from being bent? All these things you will get in this article. So, just keep reading this guide.

Why Do Phones Bend?

There are some reasons which can cause your phone to bend.

They include:

  • When you keep your phone in your tight jeans pocket for a longer period of time.
  • If you keep your phone in the back of your pocket.
  • When you keep your phone on the bed and sleep on it.
  • When you give more pressure on your phone.

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Now, let’s check out a real user practical scenario.

Practical Scenario: A User Kept Phone In back Pocket And Phone Got Bent 

I have bent my screen.

I was on a night out and had my phone in my back pocket. I fell and must of landed on my phone. The phone is bent and screen lifted up a bit. Is it fixable ? 🙁

Original Post Is From: iFixit

Now, the question arises – how can you fix a bent phone?

How Can I Fix A Bent Phone?

If you want to fix your bent phone then you must know that it is not as simple as you think.

A bent phone means the phone’s frame is warped in one way or the other. This usually happens with the phone with weak plastic or aluminum frames. And in these cases, you need to change your phone’s frame.

But you can’t change the phone’s frame at home with a basic phone repair kit. It needs to dismantle all the phone’s components from the bent frame and couple it to a new one. Therefore, it is done perfectly only by a repair professional.

If you will try to unbend your phone by yourself then it can cause expensive damage and it can break also. So, to fix bent phone you need to visit your phone service center. If your phone has bent unintentionally then they can repair your phone without taking any charges.

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How Do You Prevent Your Phone From Being Bent?

As it is unlikely for any modern smartphone to get bent, but it is not impossible also. If your phone is not bent then you should prevent your phone from being bending.

So, let us know how to prevent it from being bent.

Tip 1 – Avoid To Keep Your Phone In Tight Pocket


Tips To Fix Bent Phone - Do Not Keep Your Phone In Tight Pocket

Most users face the bending problem on their phone due to keeping their phone in a tight pocket, usually the back pocket.

When you wear tight jeans or other dress that is fitting to your body and you keep your phone to it then it gets squeezed when you squat, sit, or bend.

So, you should avoid keeping your phone in a tight pocket. And when you keep your phone in your pocket then check that there is sufficient space to contain and prevent it from heavy pressure when you sit, bend or even move your body.

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Tip 2 – Don’t Apply Heavy Pressure On Your Smartphone

You should never try to squeeze, curl, or apply heavy pressure on your phone. This can also bend your mobile phone. This is not accidental and you should not damage your phone’s frame by bending it.

Tip 3 – Always Keep Your Phone Inside Phone Case


How To Fix A Bent Phone - Always Keep Your Phone Inside Phone Case

You should always keep your smartphone under the good quality phone case/protective case/phone cover.

This will prevent it from bending, sometimes when it is on tight pockets or when you unknowingly sit on your phone.

Besides protecting your device from bending, it also keeps your phone out from dust particles, scratches, and marks. Even when it accidentally dropped it cause small damage instead of big damage.

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Tip 4 – Don’t Keep Your Phone Bedside

Tips To Fix Bent Phone - Do Not Keep Your Phone Bedside

When you keep your phone on the bed and accidentally sit on it. Or while using it you fell asleep and your phone goes under your body and it gets more pressure and got bent.

So, always keep your phone away from your bed before sleeping or at other times also.

Where You Should Repair Your Bent Phone

You should always repair your bent phone or many issues on your phone from the official service center. If your phone naturally gets bent because of its design flaws or unintentionally then they will repair your bent smartphone without taking any charges.

If your phone bent naturally then it means all those users who have this phone is also facing this problem. So, there are chances that your phone’s manufacturer is aware of that and ready to fix the bent phone for free. But, they will check if the bending was not done due to your carelessness before they agree to fix your bend phone without taking money.

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People Also Ask

Question 1 – How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Bent Samsung Phone

Answer – There is not any fixed price to fix a bent Samsung phone. The charges depend on your phone model and which part of your phone is damaged. However, you can check the spare part price here. With that damaged spare part, they will take their repair charges.

Question 2 – How Do You Know If Your Phone Is Bent?

Answer – If your phone is bent then it will be clearly visible to you. But if you are unable to know it then just keep your phone on a flat table or clean floor and tap on the edges and check if it wiggles. If it wiggles then it means your phone is bent.

One more thing you should think that if you are unable to know if your phone is bent then why do you need to know this?

Bottom Line

So, this guide is all about the bent phone. Here, you have learned the causes for the bent phone and how to fix a bent phone. Also, what prevention you should apply to keep your phone from being bending.

When it comes to the fixing part of bent phone, it is best for you to repair or fix your bent phone with the official service center.

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