How To Fix Call Volume Low During Calls In Samsung S21/S21 Ultra

How Fix Low Audio During Calls In Samsung S21, S21 Plus, S21Ultra

Are you facing a problem of low volume during calls on your Samsung phone? And due to this, you are unable to hear what another person is telling you on call. Don’t Panic! After reading this tutorial you will be able to fix this issue. Here, I have discussed some effective solutions on how to fix call volume low during calls in Samsung S21/S21 Ultra.

Let us start with some real user practical scenarios.

Practical Scenario 1: A Samsung S21 Ultra User Is Facing Problem With The Call Volume

Call Volume Too Quiet S21 ULTRA

Anyone else having issues with the speaker/call volume being too quiet. Husband and myself have each just purchased a s21 Ultra and we can barely hear the person on the other end of a call.

We have been long time Samsung S buyers so we are confident in ensuring volume is up, but can only have conversations on speaker!!!

Original Post Is From: Samsung Community

Practical Scenario 2: A Samsung S21 Ultra User Is Asking About The Solution To Increase The Volume During Call

S21 Ultra call volume issue

Anyone else experiencing a very low call volume? Atmos is on and the volume during a call is turned up all the way. Is there a setting or something I’m missing to increase the volume?

Original Post Is From: Reddit

Some reasons can cause low volume during calls, so you should first know the reasons behind this issue then learn the methods to fix it.

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Reasons: Why Your Samsung Phone Volume During Call Is So Low?

There are some possible causes that can result in your Samsung S21 or S21 Ultra, low volume during a call. They are mentioned below:

  • When the network signal is poor.
  • If there are any dust particles in your phone’s speaker.
  • When there is some fault in your OS.
  • If your Android phone is not updated to the latest version of OS.
  • Maybe your phone is physically damaged.

So, now you have a basic understanding of why this issue is happening on your phone.

Now, without wasting time let us move to the solutions to fix the low volume on a call on Samsung Galaxy S21 or S21 Ultra.

Basic Solutions To Fix Low Volume During Calls In Samsung S21/S21 Ultra

  • Make sure to Press the VOLUME UP button on the side of the phone during the call.
  • Make sure that Dolby Atmos is turned ON and Set to Auto while wearing headphones/earphones.
  • If the screen protector has covered the speaker, then remove it.
  • In sounds/vibration, adapt sound is set to “no boost” by default. Simply change it according to your preference. (See the image below)

Fix Low Audio Calls on Samsung S21Plus, S21, S21Ultra By Changing Adapt Sound Settings

If that doesn’t solve the issue, then follow the below solutions one-by-one and check if your problems are solved or not.

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Solution 1: Check Network Signal

If you are in a location where the network signal is poor then you will face low call volume on Samsung S21 or S21 Ultra. This will create a problem to hear the voice of another person who is speaking with you on call. So, you should check that your network signal is good or you can change your location to check the signal.

Solution 2: Enable Disable Airplane Mode

Another solution to increase the call volume on your Samsung phone is to enable the Airplane or flight mode for a few seconds. After that disable the feature and then check the issue is solved or not.

Solution 3: Force Restart Your Samsung S21/S21 Ultra

A soft reset is a type of force restart which resets the current power cycle without deleting data from your Samsung device.

Here, follow the ways to force restart your Samsung S21 or S21 Ultra to fix low sound problems during call on Samsung S21/S21 Ultra.

Step 1: Press both Power + Volume Low buttons to show the Power menu on the screen.

Step 2: After that tap on Restart.

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Solution 4: Update Your Samsung S21/S21 Ultra

If you are running your phone in outdated software then this can create many problems on your phone and low call volume can also be one of the reasons. So, you should check the update for your Samsung Galaxy phone and update it as far as possible.

To update your Samsung S21 or Samsung S21 Ultra, go to Settings > About Phone. Then tap on Check for Update. And if there is any new update available then it will show you. Simply install the latest version of OS on your phone by tapping on Install button.

Solution 5: Clean The Speaker

When you use your phone in the places like roads then the dust particle can enter your phone’s speaker which can cause the audio problem in your Samsung device.

You can clean the speaker to fix in call volume low on Samsung. What you need to do is, just take dry cotton and wipe it or you can use a try toothbrush to clean it but make sure that it doesn’t damage your phone’s speaker.

Solution 6: Increase The Volume Of Call

If you have not increased the volume of the call on your phone’s settings then this can be the reason behind low call volume during calls.

So, you should check it, and if it is low then increase it to high. To do this, you need to open the Settings app on your Samsung phone, then tap on Sounds & vibration then under the Volume section increase the Ringtone or call volume to full.

Now, check incoming call volume is increased or not.

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Solution 7: Reset Network Settings

If the above solutions failed then you should reset the network settings to fix Samsung S21 Ultra audio quality.

Follow the below steps to reset the network settings to fix call volume low during calls in Samsung S21/S21 Ultra.

Step 1: Open Settings app on your phone.

Step 2: After that, tap on General Management.

Step 3: Then hit on Reset.

Step 4: Next, tap on Reset Network Settings.

Step 5: Now, tap on Reset Settings.

Step 6: If asked then enter the passcode.

Step 7: Finally, hit on Reset.

Alternatively, check the video to reset network settings on Samsung S21.

Video Source: SAMSUNG CPC

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People Also Ask

Question 1 – How Can I Make My Samsung Galaxy S21 Louder?

Answer – You can use some apps to make your Samsung Galaxy S21 louder. Some of the best apps are – sound enhancer, Volume Booster Plus, Speaker Boots, Volume Booster.

Question 2 – How To Increase Samsung S21 Media Volume?

Answer – If your Samsung S21 media volume is too low and you want to increase it. Then you need to follow simple steps.

Here are the steps.

Step 1: Open Settings app on your phone.

Step 2: Then tap on sounds & vibrations.

Step 3: Then under Volume section, you will get media.

Step 4: Simply, increase that volume to the high.

That’s It!

Bottom Line

I know how many problems you need to face when you are unable to understand what another person is telling you on call due to low call volume. This can frustrate you. But now, you don’t need to panic as the above solutions will help you to fix call volume low in Samsung S21/S21 Ultra.

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