13 Ways To Fix “WhatsApp Backup Stuck At 100%” On Android

How To Fix WhatsApp Backup Stuck At 100 Percent On Android

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app that is used worldwide on both Android and iOS devices for chatting, sending media files, voice calling, and video calling. WhatsApp provides its backup feature that helps users very much when they switch to another smartphone or after resetting their phone as it allows you to restore the WhatsApp backup.

However, there are some WhatsApp users who are complaining that while backing up their chat history to Google Drive they face an issue where the backup gets stuck at 100%. They waited for a few hours but it doesn’t complete. Here are 13 ways to fix “Backup stuck at 100%” on WhatsApp on Android.

As WhatsApp backup stuck at 100%, it also gets stuck at another percentage such as – WhatsApp backup stuck at 0%, WhatsApp backup or restore stuck at 31%, WhatsApp backup stuck at 99%, WhatsApp backup stuck at 24%, WhatsApp backup stuck at 5%, WhatsApp backup stuck at 8%, WhatsApp backup stuck at 1%, WhatsApp backup stuck at 98%, and so on.

So, these are the different percentages on which WhatsApp backup stuck.

Now, let’s learn the solutions to fix WhatsApp backup stuck at 100% on Android phones and tablets.

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Solution 1: Force Stop WhatsApp

You should first start with force stopping your WhatsApp on your Android device. This will stop all the running services in the background which will help to fix WhatsApp backup stuck issue on Android.

Follow the below steps to force stop WhatsApp on Android.

Step 1: On your Android device, launch the Settings app.

Step 2: Then hit on Apps option.

Step 3: Now, you will be able to see the list of apps. From there tap on WhatsApp.

Step 4: Hit on Force Stop button.

Force Stop WhatsApp To Fix Backup Stuck At 100 On WhatsApp

After this, check you are able to create a backup of WhatsApp without stuck.

Solution 2: Update The WhatsApp

If your WhatsApp application is not updated then this can also cause your WhatsApp backup stuck at 100%. Therefore, you are advised to look update for WhatsApp.

Here, follow the steps to update WhatsApp.

Step 1: On your Android device launch the Google Play Store app.

Step 2: Then enter the name of the app in the search box that is present at the top.

Step 3: Now, if the new update is available then it will show you the Update button. Simply, tap on it to update.

Update WhatsApp To Fix Backup Stuck At 100 On Android

But if the update is not available then it will show you the open button.

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Solution 3: Check Your Internet Connection

If there is any issue with your internet connection whether it is mobile data or Wi-Fi connection then your WhatsApp chat backup can stuck at 100%.

In this case, check that your internet connection is stable. If it is not then refresh your network connection by turning off Wi-Fi as well as Wi-Fi router or you can also turn on and off the mobile data. If you are using Wi-Fi connection then try to keep your phone near the router.

Solution 4: Clear Cache And Data Of WhatsApp

Android stored the cache data of every app so that it can run smoothly and open quickly. But when it gets corrupted then it can cause many problems including WhatsApp backup stuck at 100 percent.

Follow the below steps to clear cache and data of WhatsApp.

Step 1: Open Settings app on your phone.

Step 2: Then hit on Apps.

Step 3: Choose WhatsApp from the list of apps.

Step 4: Now, tap on Storage.

Step 5: After this, hit on Clear Cache and Clear Data button.

Clear Cache And Clear Data Of WhatsApp To Fix Backup Stuck At 100 On WhatsApp

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Solution 5: Update Google Play Services

You should also need to update Google Play Services as an outdated Google Play Service can cause this issue on your Android phone and tablet.

Here are the steps to update Google Play Services.

Step 1: Hit on Google Play Store app from the home screen.

Step 2: Then find Google Play Services and then hit on it.

Step 3: Next, check for new updates.

Step 4: Lastly, hit on Update button.

Update Google Play Services To Fix Backup Stuck At 100 On WhatsApp

Solution 6: Close All Running Apps In The Background

If you are running other apps in the backup then you need to close them. Then background apps can hog up memory that will be used for the backup process.

Close All Apps Running In Background To Fix Backup Stuck At 100 On WhatsApp

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Solution 7: Check Storage Of Google Drive

Open any browser and search for goggle.com/settings/storage. If you see the storage space low then it can be the reason why your WhatsApp backup stuck at 100. You can delete unwanted data to free up storage space in your Google Drive.

Solution 8: Re-Login To WhatsApp Account

Sometimes WhatsApp server fails to sync with your Google account on WhatsApp. In this case, simply log out from WhatsApp and re-login to it.

Solution 9: Use Another Google Account

It can be possible that the Google account which you have linked to your WhatsApp account is creating the issue. It happens when your Google Drive account has low storage space and additional space for backup is not available.

But if there is sufficient space but still you are facing this issue then you should create a new Google account and link it to your WhatsApp. For this, you need to first remove your WhatsApp account from your current Google account.

Follow the below steps to do the same.

Step 1: Launch Google Drive webpage in any web browser on your computer.

Step 2: Now, log in to your Google account that is linked to WhatsApp.

Step 3: When the Google Drive page appears, click on gear icon and select Settings.

Step 4: From Settings menu, go to Manage Apps tab.

Step 5: Then go to WhatsApp Messenger entry.

Step 6: Hit on Options and select Disconnect from Drive.

Step 7: After that, launch WhatsApp on your phone and try to create a backup.

Step 8: Now, you need to provide a Google account. Give another Google account and check the problem is fixed or not.

Use Another Google Account To Fix Backup Stuck At 100 On WhatsApp

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Solution 10: Disable Include Videos Option On Your Backup Settings

Then videos that are available in the WhatsApp backup can give more load to the backup and due to this, it can get stuck. So, you can turn off the videos option on the backup settings.

Now, follow the below steps to do the same.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Step 2: Then go to its settings menu.

Step 3: Choose Chats.

Step 4: Then, hit on Chat Backup.

Step 5: Now, go to Google Drive Settings.

Step 6: Now, find Include videos option.

Disable Include Videos Option In Backup To Fix Backup Stuck At 100 On WhatsApp

Step 7: Turn off the option.

Solution 11: Opt Out Of WhatsApp Beta Program

Every Android user gets the chance to register for WhatsApp beta program to check new updates before its public release. So, if you are using the beta version of WhatsApp then you can face the stuck issue. Simply open the beta program’s page and opt-out of it to solve backup stuck issue on WhatsApp.

Opt Out Of WhatsApp Beta Program To Fix Backup Stuck At 100 On WhatsApp

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Solution 12: Delete Previous WhatsApp Backups From Google Drive

If you have previously created many WhatsApp backups on Google Drive then it cause WhatsApp backup to stuck.

You can check it by opening Google Drive. Then tap on gear icon and then on Settings. Then hit on Manage Apps and choose WhatsApp’s Options and delete the app data.

Delete Previous WhatsApp Backups From Google Drive To Fix Backup Stuck At 100 On WhatsApp

Solution 13: Disable Ad Blockers & VPN

If you have enabled ad blockers or use VPN on your Android device then they can interfere with the backup process and it gets stuck. So, you can try disabling the ad blocker and VPN and then check the issue is resolved or not. You can also uninstall both applications just to check the issue is fixed or not.

Bottom Line

Your WhatsApp backup stuck at 100% due to various reasons. With these simple solutions, there is a great chance to fix backup stuck at 100% on WhatsApp.

If this guide has helped you in fixing the issues, then don’t forget to share it.

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