[Solved] “Free Msg: Unable To Send Message-Message Blocking is Active” On Android

How to fix free msg unable to send message -- message blocking is active

Are you facing the error message “Free Msg: Unable to send message-Message Blocking is Active” on your Android phone? Do this error message you are unable to send message to your friends, family, or others.

You tried again and again to send the message but every time you are getting the same error message. This error is irritating you very much? Keep Calm! In this tutorial, I am going you discuss some effective solutions that will help you to fix error message “Free Msg: Unable to send message-Message Blocking is Active” on Android.

What Does Free Message Mean?

“Free message: message blocking is active” means that the receiver has not recharged his/her phone. Or he/she has blocked you.

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Reasons: Why “Free Msg: Unable to send message-Message Blocking is Active” Error Is Coming

This “free msg: unable to send message” error is occurring by those users who are using a T-mobile connection. But, many other users have are also encountering this error. In any case, these are some reasons that can restrict you from sending a text message to others and displaying this error message.

  • Block List: If the receiver whom you are texting has blocked you or if you have blocked the receiver number then you will face this error message. So, make sure that neither you nor the receiver has not in the blocklist. Also, check that you can easily call that number or vice versa.
  • Service Outage: This error mostly comes due to a temporary service outage on the service provider’s end.
  • Premium Message Access: Premium messaging is a dedicated Android service that is used by many messaging apps to send or receive messages. You can only use this service if you have given permission to the particular messaging app after you installed it on your phone. If you have not given permission then the app will not allow you to send or receive messages.
  • Phone Not Recharge: If you have not recharged your phone then there is the highest possibility that the network service provider can disable all services on your connection temporarily and you will receive the error message.
  • Short Code Issue: The shortcode issue generally occurs on the phone using a T-mobile connection. In this case, you will get a particular code along with the error message. As it is a technical problem and that’s why this problem can only be fixed by the customer support at T-mobile.

Now, you have understood why this error message occurs on your Android device. So, let us move to the solutions to fix “Free msg: Unable to send message: Message Blocking is Active” on Android.

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Solution 1: Allow Premium Access

The premium access feature is required by some messaging app to send messages. So, if you have not allowed premium access to the messaging app then you need to allow the access to fix this issue.

Here, learn how to allow premium access to fix “message blocking is active” issue.

Step 1: Open Settings app on your phone and then tap on Apps.

Step 2: After that, tap on Menu icon or 3 dots and tap on Special Access.

Allow Premium SMS Access

Step 3: Hit on Premium SMS access option.

Allow Premium SMS Access To Fix Free Msg Unable to Send Message

Step 4: Select the app for which you need to allow premium access and select Ask.

Fix free msg unable to send message android

Solution 2: Ensure Your Phone Number Is Active

Many users get this error message after their number is deactivated permanently. So, you should also check that your phone number is active. If it is deactivated then you need to activate it by contacting customer support.

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Solution 3: Contact Official Support

If you are using a T-mobile connection or other network and facing this problem on your device then you should contact the official customer support. They will tell you how to fix this error message or they can remotely fix the issue.

Solution 4: Make Sure Text Messaging Services Are Enabled On Your Account

If you have not recharged your phone bill or you have not paid your phone bill or the limit of text messages is over then text messaging services can be deactivated on your phone and due to this, you may face this issue.

Solution 5: Try To Call That Number

If the above solutions didn’t fix “Free msg: Message Blocking is Active” on Android then it means that you are blocked by the recipient. You can confirm this by calling that number. If you are unable to call that phone number then it is clear that she/he has blocked you. And due to this, you are facing this error.

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Other Solutions To Fix “Free Msg: Unable To Send Message – Message Blocking Is Active” In T-Mobile

If this error message is coming on your Android device while using the T-Mobile connection then you can follow some other ways to solve “Message blocking is active” error.

Way 1: Update Your Phone

If you have visited your phone license page then there is a chance that they can be deleted accidentally and you don’t know about it.

If your file is there, then all is good.

Also, if you have not updated your Android operating system for a long time then this can also cause this error message.

Updating the firmware will fix all the bugs on your phone that were creating problems while sending messages.

Here, follow the steps to update your Android device.

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone.

Step 2: Tap on About Phone.

Step 3: After that, tap on Check for update.

Step 4: If you find any update then install the latest update by tapping on Update button.

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Way 2: Factory Reset Your Android Device

If you have mistakenly changed message settings and you don’t know about it. Then try to find the mistake you have made and correct it.

But if you are unable to find the mistake then the only way to fix the error is by factory resetting your Android device.

Note: Doing a factory reset will erase all data, settings, and installed apps from your device. So, make sure to create a backup before resetting.

Here, follow the steps to factory reset your Android phone to fix message blocking is active error.

Step 1: Go to Settings > General Management.

Step 2: Tap on Reset.

Step 3: Hit on Factory Data Reset then on Delete All.

After this, your phone’s all settings will get back to default settings that will help to fix the error message.

Bottom Line

Well, many users are facing this error message “Free Msg: Message Blocking is Active” on Android and want to know how to fix it. I hope the solutions that I have discussed above will help you to solve the issue and you will be able to send text messages without receiving any error messages.