iOS Repair – Complete Guide To Repair All iOS System Of iPhone, iPadOS, iPod touch or Apple TVOS

If your iOS device or Apple TV stuck at Recovery or DFU Mode, device won’t turn on, stuck in spinning circle, stuck in Apple logo, boot loop, frozen screen, update failure, etc. issues then in this situation you need to use iOS System Repair software to fix all these issues. This program also fixes various iOS and TV OS issues. The Repair tool offers 3 modes, each one will repair your iOS devices at various points.

You can use Standard Mode to fix common issues on your device like “iPhone frozen” or “iPhone stuck” problems. And if the Standard mode fails or you forget the screen lock PIN/pattern/password then the Advanced Mode will help you to fix the problem. Enter/exist mode helps your iOS device to enter or exit recovery mode in one click. iOS OS Repair Software fixes various iOS or TV OS issues on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV and makes it run in normal condition.

Below provided steps will help you to operate every mode so that you can take advantage of every mode. The Standard Mode and Enter/Exit Recovery Mode will not erase your device data but Advanced Mode will erase your device data.

Part 1: Fix iOS Problem Via Standard Mode Without Losing Data

Fix common iOS or TV OS issues without losing data from the device by using Standard Mode on the Home page.

Step 1: Connect your iOS Device To Your Computer

Once you hit Standard Mode then you will find the window as shown in the picture below. After that, you need to connect your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable and click on “Next” button.

Note: If your iOS device is in normal mode and running on iOS 12 or newer versions then the software will not detect your device if it is locked. So please unlock it before you click on “Next” button.

 After clicking the Next button,

  1. If your device is recognized then you will go to the next step.
  2. If not, then it will ask you to boot your device in Recovery/DFU Mode by following the instructions on the screen. And when you successfully entered DFU/Recovery Mode then the software will take you to the next step.

Follow the instructions provided in the picture below to enter your device in DFU Mode.

Follow the instructions provided on the picture below to enter your device in Recovery Mode.

Step 2: Download Appropriate Firmware

The software will automatically recognize your device model and all the available versions will be shown on the screen. Select the right version from there and then hit on “Download” button.

Note: If you want to downgrade your iOS or TV OS version then see if the tool is giving the older version or not. If the older version is available then select it and continue. Or if not, then you can’t downgrade your device.

When you completed downloading the correct firmware then the program will automatically verify the firmware before fixing your device.

Step 3: Fix iOS Or tvOS Issues

After completing all the above steps now you can fix the iOS device. Make sure your iOS device and firmware are correct. After confirming all these details you need to click on “Start” button. The process of fixing the device will not be affected if the downloaded firmware is older than your device OS. But if it fails then try the latest version as there may be some compatibility issues.

After that, the software will start fixing your device by itself. While the process is going on, make sure you don’t use your device and disconnect it because it may brick your device.

The whole process will not take more time. Once your device gets fixed, you can see your device is restarting normally or not.

If the steps fail then you can again try the same steps or you can try Advanced Mode to fix your device.

Part 2: Fix Serious iOS Or Apple TV OS Issues Using Advanced Mode

If the iOS/Apple tvOS issues don’t fix via Standard Mode then you can also use Advance Mode to fix this. You need to just click on Advance Mode from the main screen and the steps are the same as Standard Mode. But keep in mind that the Advance Mode will wipe your device data so that your iOS device issues get fixed.

Step 1: Using the USB cable connect your device to your computer.

Step 2: Download the correct firmware.

Step 3: Fix iOS/iPad OS/Apple TV OS issues.

Part 3: Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

The steps to enter or exit recovery mode is simple and you need one click to do this and your iOS devices will enter or exit recovery mode in less time. This feature works very well when your device home and other buttons are broken.

Enter Your Device In Recovery Mode

Step 1: Select “Enter/Exit Recovery Mode” option from the main screen and connect your iOS device to your computer and hit on “Next” button.

Step 2: You can see this in the below picture. Next, click on “Enter Recovery Mode” button.

After a few minutes, you will find your device in Recovery Mode.

Exit Your iOS Device From Recovery Mode

Step 1: The process is similar as Enter Recovery Mode. From the main screen click on “Enter/Exit Recovery Mode” and connect your device to your computer. After that hit on “Next” button and continue.

Step 2: Then click on “Exit Recovery Mode” button. You can see the picture below.

Once the repairing task gets over, your device will restart and become normal.

If after completing the steps your device doesn’t restart then try the same steps again or you can use Standard Mode to fix the iOS device problem. You will not lose your device data in Standard Mode.

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