How To Open Banned or Blocked Telegram Channels

How To Open Banned or Blocked Telegram Channels

If you are trying to open a banned or blocked telegram channel but don’t know how? Then don’t worry in this guide we will discuss how to access the banned Telegram channel.

Telegram is a cloud-based app that allows you to send messages, photos, videos, and files to your contacts for free.

In Telegram you can also create a group for broadcasting to unlimited contacts or audiences.

In this guide, you will know how to open banned or blocked, access, bypass, or join on Android or iPhone.

Before moving to the fixes let’s know about the causes first.

Causes: Why Is Telegram Channel Is Banned Or blocked?

  • The telegram channel gets banned when it shares content that violates or breaks the rules of the platform’s guidelines.
  • A Telegram group or channel is blocked/banned because it must have any sensitive or adult content or send a post that is not suitable for the content/theme of the channel.
  • The group has been reported by the members or people of the channel.
  • Vulgar language or harassment or threatening people in the group.
  • The Ministry of Communication and Information (Jakarta) 2021 has passed the order to block Telegram groups and channels from sharing pirated music, movies, or TV shows.

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Fixes: How to open banned telegram channels

The Telegram channel has been blocked and you may not be able to get access to its content. If you are trying to get access to Telegram from a mobile phone, that must be impossible to unblock a Telegram channel.

Here is some solution on how you can open banned telegram channels.

  • Download Telegram for Windows.
  • After installation open Telegram.
  • Open the Telegram app on your mobile app.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Tap on “Devices” and then “Scan the QR Code”.
  • Tap on the Menu icon.
  • Tap on the “Settings”.
  • Tap on “Privacy and Security”.
  • Scroll down till you find the “Sensitive content”.
  • Now you can Enable “Disable filtering”.

When you have enabled “Disable Filtering”, now you are able to open banned telegram channels.

After you do so, force closing the app from your mobile, and reopen it. And then you can try to join the Telegram channel or group.

Now from this time, you will be able to join the Telegram channel without any problem.

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How to open blocked telegram channels:

Step 1. Download Telegram For Windows

You need to download Telegram for Windows

Click on the link to download Telegram for Desktop version.

Download Telegram On Your Computer

Afterward, click on the “tsetup.exe” to install it.

Step 2. Using The Telegram App Scan The QR Code

When you have installed Telegram, you have to open it.

After Opening the telegram app, you’ll see a QR Code. Open the Telegram app on your mobile and then scan the QR Code for logging in to your Telegram Account on your desktop.

Secondly, Open Telegram on your mobile phone and tap on Settings >Tap on Devices >Scan the QR Code.

Scan The QR Code Using Telegram App

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Step 3. Click On The Menu Button

You can now see all your chats; the menu icon is on the top-left corner of the chat history.

Lastly, click on the Menu icon located at the top left corner.

Click On the Menu Icon

Step 4. Open Your Settings

Once the menu opened, you’ll see multiple options.

Now, click on Settings to go to settings.

Open Settings On Telegram

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Step 5. Click On “Privacy and Security”

After clicking on settings there are many settings like “Edit Profile”, “Privacy and Security”, “Notifications”, and many more are there.

The disable filtering feature is located in the “Privacy and Security” settings, simply click on it.

Click Privacy and Security

Step 6. Turn on “Disable filtering”

After clicking on “Privacy and Security”, there are some steps that you have to change “two-step verification”, “Sensitive content”, “Privacy”, etc.

To unblock the Telegram channels, you need to click under “Sensitive Content”, and then turn on “Disable filtering”.

Enable the Disable filtering option

Force close the Telegram app from your mobile and re-open it after enabling “Disable filtering”.

Then try to join the blocked Telegram Channel/Group on the Telegram mobile app.

This time, you will not be getting a problem joining it without getting an error!

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People Also Ask

How to view blocked Telegram channels on Android

Enable disable filtering to unlock the Telegram channel. Under “Sensitive content’, Enable “Disable filtering. After that Force close the Telegram app from your mobile and reopen it.

How can I bypass a Telegram ban?   

In some countries where Telegram is banned, your IP can block you from accessing the platform. In that case you can use VPN to bypass it.

It will let you access the banned channels easily.

Bottom Line

Here is the end of this guide, we hope the mentioned steps helped you.

In this guide, we have covered the topic “How to open banned or blocked Telegram channel”.

If you find this guide helpful, then do share it with others. It will help the other users also.

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