Quick Tips To Fix Overwatch 2 Update Stuck on Initializing

How To Solve Overwatch 2 Update Stuck on Initializing

Overwatch 2 is a team-based action game, which has an ultimate 5v5 battlefield brawl. You and your friends can team up and can experience PvP gameplay.

However, many users are facing the issues of Overwatch 2 update stuck on initializing or Overwatch 2 install stuck on initializing 0%.

Are you one of them? No worries, here you will find out the effective tips to fix Overwatch 2 update stuck on initializing.

Usually, it happens due to your slow and unstable network or there is a game update for a new season.

First, let’s check what are the factors responsible for this issue.

Causes: Why Is My Overwatch 2 Stuck On Initializing?

1. There Is A Game Update – If might be there is an update in the game and it gets stuck on initializing.

2. Unstable Network – If you are using a slow and unstable internet connection to update, then it may get stuck.

Keep in mind, even a fast connection might also experience such an issue, because many users updating speeds were less than 300 KB/s or 100 KB/s, even though their networks were fast.

So, keep reading further to know the fixes.

3. Security Programs – There are chances that security programs are interfering with the updating process, which causes the update to fail. Temporary deleting them will be the best option to do.

These are some causes behind this problem.

Now, let’s get started with the troubleshooting methods.

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How To Fix Overwatch 2 Update Stuck On Initializing

Try restarting the Battle.net desktop app or deleting the Battle.net Tools folder, it will give the game a fresh restart.

You can also delete Battle.net, then install it again, or can also connect to a VPN.

Pause and unpause the downloading process, it may fix the issue of the Overwatch 2 update stuck on initializing 99%.

If these methods didn’t help, then try using the methods below.

#1. Reset Your Network

Try resetting your network by following the below-mentioned steps. This method may fix the problem of the Overwatch 2 update initializing slow.

Step 1 – Go to Window Search and type Command Prompt.

Step 2 – Now, click on “Run as administrator”.

Run Command Prompt As An Administrator

Step 3 – Then, type these codes “netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt” and “netsh winsock reset” and “ipconfig /flushdns”. Individually press Enter on typing each code.

Step 4 – Lastly, try restarting your system and updating the game by opening Battle.net.

#2. Try Changing Your Region

Another method is changing the region and try updating again. For example, change your region to Asia to Americas, or Asia to Europe. It can solve the problem of the Overwatch 2 update initializing slowly.

These are the steps to do so.

Step 1 – Go to Battel.net, then choose Overwatch 2 and click the Globe icon.

Step 2 – Now, change to a different region.

Change Your Region In Overwatch 2

Step 3 – At last, pause the game update, then unpause.

You can switch to your region back, once the updating process is complete.

#3. Turn Off “Limit download bandwidth” Option

This method will help you download the update from 0% to 100% quickly. So, try disabling this option from Battle.net and fix the Overwatch 2 taking so long to update issue.

It will increase the downloading speed once your turn off this option.

Follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1 – Navigate to Battel.net > Battle.net logo > Settings.

Step 2 – Now, click on Downloads, then turn off the Limit download bandwidth option from there.

Step 3 – Lastly, click Done.

Disable Limit download bandwidth

That’s It!

Thereafter, try downloading the game update.

#4. Try Disabling All Non-Microsoft Services

This method will disable all non-Microsoft services and will fix the issue. Follow the mentioned steps to do so.

Step 1 – Open Windows Search and type System Configuration, then open it.

Search System Configuration on Windows Search

Step 2 – Then, click on Services > Hide all Microsoft services > Disable all.

Disable all non-Microsoft services

Step 3 – Now, click on Apply, then OK, and restart your system.

After that, update Overwatch 2 from Battle.net again.

People Also Ask

Question – Why Is My Overwatch 2 Download Stuck On Applying Updates?

Answer – It might be your internet is not working properly or it can also happen due to in-game glitches and bugs.

To fix it, restart your PC and game. Restart your Wi-Fi router.

Question – How Do I Fix Battle.Net Stuck On Initializing?

Answer – Try restarting Battle.net or go to Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc, then search everything relating to Battle.net, then right-click once, and click End task.

Open the app and see if it fixes the issue.

Bottom Line

Here is the completion of this guide, which has covered the tips to solve Overwatch 2 update stuck on initializing.

I hope you have followed the steps carefully and troubleshoot the issue till now.

If this guide helps you in fixing the problem, then you can share this post with others. It will also help the other users.

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