How To Recover Deleted Shortcuts On iPhone/Android

Recover Deleted Shortcuts On iPhone and Android

The shortcut is a very useful feature on iPhone and Android. You can add and remove any shortcuts from the home screen of your phone. You can use it easily and quickly; you just have to unlock your phone and tap on the app shortcut. You can add shortcuts for desired apps, you always use.

But sometimes, we accidentally delete those shortcuts from our home screen. Luckily, you can recover those shortcuts easily on your phone’s home screen. In this article, you will learn how to recover deleted shortcuts on iPhone/Android.

Let’s start with the practical scenarios!

How can I restore deleted shortcut icons?

It seems that I have accidentally deleted/removed 2 shortcut icons from my home screen on my Blu 4.2 jellybean. They still exist in the apps page. How do I restore them to the home screen tray?

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How do I retrieve my phone icon shortcut button it was accidentally deleted

How do I retrieve my phone icon back to my Shortcuts the total app was deleted I don’t know how this happened it just happened any suggestions

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If you accidentally delete shortcuts on your iPhone or Android, then follow the mentioned solutions given below.

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How To Restore Deleted Shortcuts On iPhone

If you accidentally deleted/removed the home screen shortcuts on your iPhone. Don’t worry! You can restore those shortcuts easily. To restore those shortcuts, follow the mentioned steps given below.

Step 1 – From the home menu, access the App Library. Now, simply search the deleted shortcut apps.

Recover Deleted Shortcuts on iPhone

Step 2 – After you have found the deleted app, press on the app icon and drag it to the desired location on your home screen, then simply paste/place it.

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Bonus Tip: Can Deleted iPhone Data Be Recovered?

Manual solutions can also help, but it is a difficult task, and you don’t need to recover each shortcut manually. With the help of iPhone Data Recovery, you can recover deleted data on your iPhone easily. The amazing feature of this software can help you to recover your deleted data.

You need to follow the simple steps to recover the deleted data from your iPhone. Before going through the process, let’s know the amazing features of the software. It allows data recovery from iOS devices, iCloud backups, iTunes backups.

Make sure that you only restore the required data, before recovery, it allows you to preview the erased/deleted data. You can recover your data on your iPhone in a chosen way without changing any recently saved info.

Data recovery is simply made and it is easy to use, because of its user-friendly and simple interface, even if you are not well experienced. You can download and try the free trial version of iPhone data recovery software first to experience how it works before using it.

Here is the complete steps to recover data from iPhone.

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How To Retrieve Deleted Shortcuts On Android

The deleted Android apps shortcuts can be recovered on your home screen easily. But, if you accidentally delete the app, then you cannot restore the app shortcuts. Maybe the pop-up menu helps you to add a new shortcut on the home screen or restore a recently deleted/removed one. Follow the mentioned solutions given below to know how to get the shortcut icon back on Android.

Solution 1 – Recover Deleted Shortcuts From The App Drawer

You can recover the shortcuts to the home screen with the help of the app drawer. These are the steps to recover deleted shortcuts.

Step 1 – All your installed apps will feature in the app drawer on your Android device.

Recover Deleted Shortcuts From The App Drawer

Step 2 – Apps will be featured in alphabetical order. Simply search the deleted shortcut app. After you found the app, keep pressing on the app icon until the home screen will be visible.Recover Deleted App Shortcuts From The App Drawer On Android

Step 3 – Hold the app icon and drag it to the desired location of your home screen and paste it, then a new shortcut will be created.

Restore Deleted Shortcuts From The App Drawer

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Solution 2 – Restore Deleted Shortcuts From Home Screen

Follow the mentioned steps given below to restore deleted or removed shortcuts on your Android device.

Step 1 – Keep pressing on your home screen until the pop-up menu will feature on the screen.

Restore Deleted Shortcuts On Android

Step 2 – Maybe the home screen will be customized in different ways. Choose widgets, then tap on the app.

Step 3 – Now, all apps will appear on the screen, you can simply select the deleted app icon.

Step 4 – Now, hold and drag the app icon to the chosen location on your phone, then a shortcut will feature on your home screen.

Note: The steps and settings may vary from phone-to-phone model.

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Related Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – How Can I Retrieve All Shortcuts On My Device?

Answer – You can retrieve the shortcuts on iPhone and Android without the help of any of the third-party tools. You can check the above solutions to recover the shortcuts quickly and easily.

Question 2 – How Can I Recover Verizon Shortcut Contacts On My Android Device?

Answer – With the help of the app drawer or home screen on your Android device, you can restore the Verizon shortcut contacts easily. You can check the above-mentioned solution for more convenience. You can follow one of the steps to restore the Verizon shortcuts contacts on your Android phone.

Question 3 – How Do I Restore Removed/Deleted Widget On My Android Device?

Answer – You can follow the mentioned steps to restore your deleted widget on your Android phone.

  • Tap and hold the screen for a couple of seconds, then the new options will appear. You can able to see the Widgets located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, it will feature the currently available list of the widgets on your Android device.
  • Now, simply search for the desired Widgets.

Bottom Line

The shortcuts are a very beneficial feature in iPhone and Android devices. But sometimes, we accidentally delete those shortcuts from our device.

So, this is the complete guide on how to recover deleted shortcuts on iPhone or Android. You can follow one of the solutions to recover the deleted/removed shortcuts. I hope this article helps you to recover the deleted shortcuts on Android or iPhone.

If you find this article helpful and useful, then share it, as it can help other users.