Recover Deleted Data From Samsung Galaxy Recycle Bin

Recover Deleted Data From Samsung Recycle Bin

Android provides recycle bin/trash/bin folder where all deleted photos and videos from Gallery get stored in it. Different Android phones have different names of recycle bin folder like OnePlus has recently deleted folder, Google Pixel has Trash/Bin and Samsung has recycle bin.

So, if you have deleted photos or videos from your Samsung Galaxy Recycle Bin and now you want to get them back. Don’t Worry. Here are the solutions on how to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy recycle bin.

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Where Is The Recycle Bin On A Samsung Galaxy?

The recycle bin folder is not present on your Samsung Galaxy home screen. You can find the recycle bin on Samsung Galaxy smartphone within your Gallery feature on your device.

Here, follow the steps to find the recycle bin on Samsung Galaxy phone/tablet or access recycle bin on your Samsung Galaxy.

Step 1: On your Samsung phone open the Gallery app.

Step 2: After that tap on three vertical dots and then tap on “Settings”.

Step 3: Next, tap on “Cloud Recycle Bin”.

Step 4: Now, you can view deleted pictures and videos.

Where is the recycle bin on a Samsung Galaxy

Note: The deleted data stored on recycle bin for almost 15 days. After 15 days it permanently get erased by itself.

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Solution 1: Restore Deleted Or Lost Photos/Videos From Samsung Cloud Recycle Bin

After following the above steps that helped you to view deleted photos and video files, you can now follow the below-steps to restore deleted photos or videos from Samsung Cloud recycle bin.

Here, follow the steps to restore deleted photos/videos from Samsung Cloud Recycle Bin.

Step 1: When your deleted data appeared by using the above steps, you need to press and hold the picture or video for a few seconds to restore. Or you can restore all data by taping Select All option at the left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Choose “Restore” at right side to download all photos/videos to your device.

Restore Deleted Photo and Video from Samsung Cloud Recycle Bin

Note: You can’t restore photos or videos selectively. Here you can only restore all data which are available in recycle bin.

Solution 2: Recover Deleted Photos/Videos From Samsung Galaxy Recycle Bin Via Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery

If your photos and videos are not present on your Samsung Cloud Recycle bin or you have deleted data from recycle bin or your Samsung Galaxy recycle bin is empty then in all these cases you need to try Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery software to recover deleted photos or videos from recycle bin.

Download/Buy Now Android Data Recovery Tool Now To Recover Data  From Samsung Galaxy Recycle/Trash Bin

The Android Data Recovery software also recovers permanently deleted files from recycle bin as well as you can selectively recover photos and videos deleted from recycle bin.

Key Features Of Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery Software:

  • Retrieve data from all Samsung phone models.
  • Recover deleted data from the device due to accidental deletion, water damaged, factory reset, virus attacks, etc.
  • No Data loss after recovery.
  • Restore deleted data in high quality.
  • Supports all Android OS versions.
  • Effectively recover data in less time.
  • No need for technical knowledge to use it.

Here, follow the steps on how to recover deleted/lost data from Samsung Galaxy Recycle Bin via Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery software.

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Tips To Remember: Backup Your Samsung Galaxy Data

You should backup your Samsung data to a safe place so that if your data deleted from Samsung Recycle Bin then you can easily restore lost data using backup.

In Samsung phone, you can take backup in Smart Switch, Samsung Cloud, SD card, computer, etc.

Above provided all the solutions will work in all Samsung models such as Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e/S20/S20+, Galaxy M30/M20/M01, Samsung Galaxy A50/A30, Samsung Galaxy Fold, etc.

Recycle Bin Related Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How To Empty Recycle Bin On Android Phone?

You can empty recycle bin on Android phone by going to Gallery > tap on three dots > Settings > Recycle Bin/Trash/Bin/Recently Deleted Folder > choose the images and videos that you want to empty/delete and tap permanently delete.

How Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Recycle Bin Android?

You can recover permanently deleted files from recycle bin on Android only if you have taken backup of that files on Google Drive, Dropbox, local backup, SD card, etc.

And if you do not have all these backup then try Android Data Recovery software to recover permanently deleted data/files from recycle bin Android without backup.


Samsung Cloud Recycle Bin feature helps users very much as when photos or videos get deleted from their Gallery app accidentally then they go to recycle bin and they easily restore them from there. If your photos and videos are available on Samsung Cloud Recycle Bin then follow Solution 1 to get them back or if not then try Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery software to get them back which is mentioned in Solution 2.

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