[Problem Solved] WhatsApp Icon Disappeared From Android

How To Restore Disappeared WhatsApp iCon On Android

WhatsApp is a free messages app that is used all over the world. There are almost 5B+ users on Android who have downloaded this messaging app. If you are also using this app on your Android phone and now the WhatsApp icon has disappeared from your device. You want to get it back. Try the below-discussed solutions to get your WhatsApp icon disappeared from Android.

Solution 1: Restart Your Android Device

The first method to fix WhatsApp icon that disappeared from Android is by restarting the Android smartphone. To restart your phone press the Power button until the Power menu displays on the screen. Now, from the available options tap on Restart or Reboot option.

Restart Android Phone

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Solution 2: Check App Drawer

You should also check the app drawer maybe your disappeared WhatsApp icon will be under it. To check it just tap on the App Drawer icon (white circle with 6 dots on it).

App Drawer icon

Then search for WhatsApp you can also enter the name of the app in the search box. If the app is present there then tap on it and just swipe right or left depending on you where you want to keep the WhatsApp icon. This will get the Whatsapp icon back on your home screen.

App Drawer icon in Android Home Screen

But what you will do this if you have to delete the app drawer icon. Don’t worry! The next solution will help you in this case.

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Solution 3: How To Restore App Drawer Icon On Android

Step 1: On your phone go to the static bottom panel on your device (Lower Dock).

Step 2: If there is not enough storage space then move one of the apps on this panel to make space for app drawer. You can also delete one of the features. If you want to delete then press and hold it and confirm delete/move it to an unused hole on Home screen.

Step 3: It should turn into a plus sign.

Step 4: If, you hit on this icon then it may show you a list of options. You can select from to fill the space.

Step 5: Choose the “App Drawer icon” to send it to the Home screen.

Step 6: If you can’t find the plus sign then long-press Lower Dock and hit on default icon. Here, you can see and choose the app drawer option.

When you get back the app drawer icon it will become easy for you to find WhatsApp icon that has deleted/disappeared from your phone.

Solution 4: Long Press On Blank Space On Home Screen

If you have accidentally deleted WhatsApp icon on android then follow the below steps to get it back.

Step 1: On your device’s Home Screen long-press on black space. Doing this will display a new menu with set up options for your Android phone.

Solo Actions

Step 2: After that to open a new menu you need to choose Widgets and Apps.

Step 3: Then hit on Apps. Now, select the WhatsApp that you have accidentally deleted.

Step 4: Tap and hold the icon and drag it to your device screen or to another page on your device’s screen.

Now, WhatsApp icon will be reappeared on the screen.

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Solution 5: Uninstall The App From Settings & Reinstall It

To fix this problem, you can just uninstall WhatsApp by going to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > tap on Uninstall button. After uninstalling the app again install the WhatsApp from Google Play.

Solution 6: Remove The SD Memory Card And Reinsert It

If there is any issue with the SD card and if the WhatsApp has been installed in it by itself then this can also disappear WhatsApp icon on your Andorid. So, just take out the external SD memory card from your phone and then insert it again.

Solution 7: Uncheck The WhatsApp From Settings

Step 1: Open Settings app on your phone.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Apps and then tap on 3 vertical dots (menu button) at the right side.

Step 3: Now, tap on Protected apps.

Step 4: Here, you will find all the installed apps and the only apps which are installed and missing will have a tick mark beside the app.

Step 5: Tap on the tick mark box to uncheck WhatsApp and then reboot your phone.

Now, see the WhatsApp icon is displaying on the screen or not.

Solution 8: Remove The Battery And Re-Insert It Back

You can also get your WhatsApp icon back on your Android phone by removing the battery from your device. And after few seconds insert it again to its same place.

Note: You can only use this method if your device has a removable battery.

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Solution 9: Reset The Home Screen Launcher

You can also reset the home screen launcher to fix this problem. But it will reset your home screen completely.

Below, follow the steps to reset the home screen launcher.

Step 1: On your Android device, go to “Settings” > “Apps & notifications” > “App info”.

Step 2: Choose the app that handles the launcher. The app will be different depending on your Android phone. Find something related or which contains the word Home or Launcher (for example – Nova Launcher). On Samsung phone, it may be called TouchWiz.

Step 3: After that select Storage and then select “Clear data”.

Solution 10: Make Sure The Launcher Does Not Have the App Hidden

Your Android phone may have a launcher that can set apps to be hidden. You have to bring up the app, then choose Menu. Here, you can unhide the apps. The option may vary, depending on your launcher app or Android phone.

Solution 11: Check Apps Is Not Disabled

To check it just go to Settings” > “Apps & notifications” > “App info”. Select WhatsApp and make sure that it is not disabled.

Enable Disabled Apps

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Solution 12: Check If You’ve Deleted The Entire App

When you don’t find the app icon on the app drawer then it is possible that you have uninstalled the app completely.

So, in this situation, go to Google Play Store and search for the app that has disappeared. If you find Install button (in place of Update or Open) then it means that you have mistakenly deleted the app.

Then you can easily install the app icon again from Google Play store. Don’t Worry! Your app’s data is safe as the app leave a cache on your Android device for future re-use.

Solution 13: Factory Reset Your Phone

If all the above-mentioned solutions do not help then doing a factory reset (and then installing the WhatsApp) will help you to get back deleted icons on your Android phone.

But my suggestion that you should follow this solution when none of the above solutions able to recover missing WhatsApp icon from Android phone.

Note: Before resetting your phone you should create backup of all valuable data from your Android phone as it will wipe all data and apps from your device.

Here, follow the steps to factory reset your Android device.

Step 1: On your phone open Settings app.

Step 2: After that tap on System.

Tap On System

Step 3: Then tap Advanced.

Tap On Advanced

Step 4: Now, tap on Reset options.

Tap On Reset Options

Step 5: Next, tap on Erase all data (factory reset).

Erase All Data Factory Reset Android

Step 6: Hit on Reset Phone.

Tap On Reset Phone

Step 7: Tap on Erase EverythingTap On Erase Everything

Step 8: If asked enter the passcode.

Once the factory reset process gets over, your device will reboot. After that, you need to set up your phone. After setting it up, go to Google Play Store and install WhatsApp from there. Now, you will easily use WhatsApp.

Note: If you have forgotten to back up some precious data and you want to recover them then you can try Android Data Recovery software to get back deleted data from Android device.

Bottom Line

So, this is all about how to fix or recover WhatsApp icon that disappeared from Android device. Try the solutions according to your case. You should lastly decide to factory reset your phone when it is important for you to get back WhatsApp icon.

If this tutorial is helpful for you then you can share it so that it can help other needed ones so that they can also fix this issue.

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