Recover Photos From Disabled iPhone Without Backup [Ultimate Solutions]

How To Recover Pictures From Disabled iPhone

We lock our smartphone with a passcode so that it protects our personal data and privacy. In fact, this is a very efficient way to protect our devices to access from strangers.

But many users set the lock passcode in their iPhone but they forget the correct one. And they try to unlock their phone by entering the wrong password which they remember at that time and after entering the wrong passcode for 5 or 10 times the iPhone gets disabled.

You want to access photos from a locked iPhone but you are unable to do this because iPhone is disabled. Worse, you don’t have backup of those photos in iCloud or iTunes. Don’t Worry! In this article, I will help you to recover photos from a disabled iPhone without backup.

Let us start with a real user’s practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: A User Looking To Retrieve Pictures On Disabled iPhone

HELP! HELP! Retrieving pictures on disabled iPhone

Good morning, in a major dilemma. My gf dropped her phone and it shattered the screen. She had never backed the phone up before and there was never enough icloud storage for her backups when it tried to do an auto backup. We took the phone to my office to hook it up to itunes, it wouldn’t let us in because of her pass code, touch id was not working. We finally gave up and went out to the mall where Ifix installed a new screen on it so we could unlock the phone and back up to icloud with more storage. When the store turned it on the phone was in disabled mode. The wifi is not turned on on it. After spending 3 hours there troubleshooting we got no where, so they put the damaged screen back on and we left. Is there ANY possible way some how that we can retrieve the pictures off of this phone. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. She now is using a temp phone for the time being so it buys time to try to retrive the pictures on her 6. Thank you, we really really dont want to wipe it unless all options are exhausted. Phone is an Iphone 6 running i think 8.1 or 8.2”

Source: MacRumors

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Backup Disabled/Locked iPhone Using iTunes And Restore Photos On Another iPhone/iOS Devices

When your iPhone gets locked or disabled even then also you can create a backup of your iPhone using iTunes. But you can do this only if you have previously synced your iPhone with the computer. If it is not synced then you can’t make your iPhone trust the computer without passcode and your iPhone will not be connected to iTunes successfully.

So, if you have synced your iPhone to your computer before it gets disabled then follow the below steps to create a backup of your locked iPhone data using iTunes.

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer that you have used to synced your iPhone earlier.

Step 2: After that with the help of a USB cable connect your iPhone with your computer.

Step 3: Once your iPhone gets detected by iTunes, choose your iPhone and you will enter an interface as follows.

Step 4: Here, you need to click on the Back Up Now button to proceed.

Backup iPhone To iTunes

Once the backup process gets completed then the iTunes backup file will be saved on your computer on iTunes default storage location. You can then restore the iTunes backup file on another iPhone and thereby you can access your photos of your disabled/locked iPhone.

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How To Recover Photos From Disabled iPhone Without Backup?

You can easily retrieve photos from disabled/locked iPhone without backup by using professional iPhone Data Recovery software. It will scan the available photos and other data and recover them very easily.

You can also recover those photos and other data that have deleted from your iPhone due to accidental deletion, factory reset, virus attacks, system crashed, OS update failed, jailbreak, water damaged, etc.

Download/Buy Now iPhone Data Recovery Tool For Windows or Mac Now To Recover Photos From Disabled/Locked iPhone

Key Features Of iPhone Data Recovery Software

  • Retrieve photos from your disabled iPhone without deleting the current data.
  • Besides recovering photos it can recover other data like contacts, SMS, call logs, videos, audios, Safari history, voice memos, calendar, reminders, Kik/Viber/WhatsApp/WeChat/Line data and many more.
  • It allows you to selectively recover photos as well as other data.
  • It is available for both Windows and Mac computers.
  • It supports all iPhone models and all iOS versions.

Below, follow the steps to recover photos from disabled iPhone without backup by using iPhone Data Recovery software.

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Steps To Recover Photos From Disabled/Locked iPhone

Step 1: Connect Your iOS Device To Computer and Scan Your Device

Once you launch the iPhone Data Recovery program for iPhone then begin from “Recover from iOS device” tab and continue the process by clicking on “Start” button.

Now, using USB cable connect your iPhone to your computer. When your device is shown on the software then click on “Next” button and continue.

Next, choose the data types that you want to get back. Then click on “Scan” button and the software will begin to find the lost data from your phone.

Step 2: Preview And Retrieve Files From iOS Device (iPhone/iPad or iPod touch)

Once the scanning process gets over then you will get all the recovered data in a systematic manner which is shown below. Click on every tab to see all the data types or you can only preview the lost data type by selecting “Show only the deleted files”. Choose the data types that you wish to get back. After that click on “Recover” button at the bottom right corner of the window.

Now a message window will appear to select the place where you want to save the recovered data and this will take a few minutes to complete the process.

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How To Unlock Disabled/Locked iPhone Using iPhone Unlock Software

There is only one method to unlock a disabled iPhone which is by doing a factory reset. But this will erase your iPhone’s data and all installed apps and settings.

Apple offers 2 ways to erase iPhone without a password one is by using iTunes or another is by using Recovery mode. For detailed steps, visit Apple’s official post, if you forgot the passcode on your iPhone, or your iPhone is disabled.

If you don’t want to delete all saved data from your iPhone then you should use iPhone Unlock software to instantly bypass disabled or locked iPhone.

The iPhone unlock software, unlock all iPhone models as well as all iPad and iPod Touch models. It supports both Windows and Mac computers. By using this iPhone Unlocker software you can also unlock the broken iPhone, Mobile Device Management (MDM) activation screen.

No matter which locks feature you have used to lock your iPhone as it unlocks all types of screen lock either it is a 4-digit and 6-digit passcode, numeric code, face ID, touch ID, etc.

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Tips To Remember

Locking up iPhone is a very good idea but if you are unable to remember the password then it is better that you write down the passcode to a safe place so that whenever you forget it you can unlock your iPhone with the help of written passcode.

Alternatively, you should always back up photos with other data from your iPhone to a safe place like iTunes, iCloud or computer. This backup will help you to deal with unexpected data loss like accidental deletion, forgotten screen lock PIN/pattern/password, water damaged, screen broken/damaged/cracked, factory reset, etc.

You can use iPhone Backup and Restore software to backup 4 types of data from iPhone and they are – contacts, message, WeChat and WhatsApp. You can restore the backup anytime whenever you need.

Bottom Line

So, in this guide, you have learned how to recover photos from disabled iPhone without backup by using iPhone Data Recovery software and how to unlock a locked or disabled iPhone without passcode. If you don’t want to wipe your iPhone then you should use iPhone Eraser to unlock disabled iPhone without passcode.

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