Showbox Not Working On Android? Here Is The Real Fix!

How To Fix Showbox Not Working On Android

Showbox is a free media stream where you can watch movies, videos, TV shows, and more without paying money. Though Google has introduced Youtube and it has become the largest source of video content in the world. However, there are many users who use Showbox.

If you are also using Showbox to watch videos, movies, etc. and now your Showbox is not working on your Android phone or tablet then this guide is for you. Here, I will discuss some effective and easy solutions to fix Showbox not working on Android.

Why Is Showbox Not Working On My Android?

There are several reasons due to which Showbox is not working on Android phones or tablets. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

  • If you are using an outdated app and have not installed the latest version then it can cause Showbox not working issue.
  • If there is bad application cache data saved in your Showbox app and it is corrupted then the Showbox app will crash and will not work properly.
  • Limeplayer is used to play Showbox movies, TV shows, etc. on your smartphone. If this player is not set to open the Showbox links or is not updated, you will face a problem.
  • If the backend servers are down then also you will not able to play videos on the Showbox app. There is a chance that the app is banned in several countries.
  • As you know that you can’t install Showbox from Google Play Store. To install it you need to use an external source. And if the installation files are corrupted with your user data the app will not work.
  • If Showbox is blocked in your country and region then and it might be possible that your ISP is blocking its request. In this case, you can use VPNs on your computer to solve this problem.

So, these are the reasons that can cause Showbox not working issue on your Android phone.

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Now, let us look at a real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: A User Facing Problem – Showbox App Not Working On Android Nougat 

Showbox not work on Android N?

Showbox app not work on Android N? Can do everything but download, on version 4.53 which I believe is the latest.

Source: XDA Developers Forums

Like the above practical scenario, there are many uses out there who are also facing the same problem. But you can easily fix it by following the below-mentioned solutions.

Solution 1: Switch Off Or Reboot/Restart Your Device

You know that a simple restart/reboot solves many Android issues. So, you can restart/reboot your smartphone to fix Showbox not working issue.

To restart/reboot your Android phone, you need to press and hold the Power key unless a menu appears on the screen. From there tap on Power off option if you want to switch off the device or you can tap on Reboot option to restart the phone automatically.

Restart Android Phone

Solution 2: Update Showbox App

As you know that Showbox app is not available on Google Play Store and due to this you can’t update the app through play store. You need to install the update manually.

Here, follow the steps to do the same.

Step 1: Before updating the app ensure that Unknown Sources from the phone’s Settings are enabled.

Step 2: Open the trusted Showbox site and download the latest version.

Step 3: Now, you can download and install the latest version of Showbox on your phone.

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Solution 3: Use Another Internet Connection Or Reconnect To The Same

If your internet connection which you are using is not stable then your Showbox app will not work properly. So, you should check the network connection. For this, you can turn off and on the mobile data or restart the modem and then try to upload Showbox. If your Showbox is still not working then you should use another network connection.

Solution 4: Make Sure Your Phone Meets Basic Requirements For Showbox

If your device doesn’t meet the basic system requirements then also your Showbox app will not work. To run this app your Android phone must have 1GB of internal storage free space, 2GB RAM, and your phone is running on Android 4 or above. Works on both root/no -root devices.

Solution 5: Clear Cache And Data Of ShowBox App

You can also fix Showbox not loading issue on Android by clearing the cache and data of Showbox app.

Here, follow the steps to clear the cache and data to the Showbox app to fix Showbox not working problem.

Step 1: On your Android phone open Settings app.

Step 2: After that go to Apps and find the Showbox app from the available app’s list and tap on it to open.

Step 3: Now, under that app tap on Storage.

Step 4: Then tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache button.

Clear Data and Clear Cache Of Showbox App

That’s It!

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Solution 6: Wipe Cache Partition

Third-party apps conflict with other apps installed on the phone which can also create issues on your phone and Showbox app.

So, to fix this you need to wipe the cache partition of your Android device.

Here, follow the steps to do so.

Step 1: Switch off your Android device.

Step 2: Press and hold both Volume Up + Power buttons unless you see the Android logo on the screen.

Step 3: Now, your device has entered recovery mode. Use Volume Down and Volume Up buttons to highlight “Wipe cache partition” option and select it using Power button.

Wipe Cache Partition on Android

Step 4: Confirm the action by tapping on YES button.

Step 5: Now, you need to wait until the process gets completed. After that “Reboot system now” message will come. Tap on use Volume Down and Volume Up buttons.  to reboot your device.

Solution 7: Check Backend Servers

It is possible that the backend servers of Showbox are down and due to this Showbox is not working on Andorid phone. As downtime of Showbox is a common problem.

So you should visit some relevant forums site and see if other Showbox users are also facing the same problem. If they are then there is a great chance that the servers are responsible for it.

Check Backend Servers For Showbox

In this situation, the only solution is to wait for the servers to work properly or you can watch videos from another source.

Note: The server problem is usually fixed within 1 or 2 days. So keep checking back.

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Solution 8: Re-Install The Showbox App

You can also just reinstall the Showbox app and then again install it back. But this will delete Showbox’s data.

However, follow the below steps to uninstall and reinstall the Showbox app.

Step 1: Press and hold the Showbox app unless it starts to wiggle.

Step 2: Tap on cross icon on it. When you are asked to confirm the uninstallation tap on Yes to confirm it.

Step 3: Now, restart your phone.

Step 4: Open Play Store and Install Showbox app.

Install Showbox

Step 4: Or you can also visit a trusted website and then download and install the latest version of Showbox app from there.

Solution 9: Use A VPN

Your network connection can also be one of the reasons for  Showbox not working error on Android. Showbox takes data from various sources, there is a chance that some of the sources might be blocked by your ISP and due to this Showbox not working.

Use VPN on Android

In this case, you can use VPN that will remove the blockage and hide your IP address and protect the identity from blocked sources.

So, you can use the VPN service to watch movies, videos, etc. on Showbox app.

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Solution 10: Update The LimePlayer

Install Lime Player


If the error is still not fixed then you should update LimePlayer on your smartphone. Showbox forcefully asks its users to use LimePlayer as a provider on their phone before watching videos on Showbox.

Thus, if you have not updated the LimePlayer then it can conflict with the latest version of Showbox on your phone. So, you should update it to fix the issue.

Here, follow the below steps to update LimePlayer to fix Showbox stops working issue.

Step 1: On your phone tap on Google Play Store icon to open it. Then tap on your profile at the top right side of the screen.

Step 2: Now, tap on My apps and games.

Step 3: Next, tap on Updates and find LimePlayer and then tap on Update beside LimePlayer.

Bottom Line

So, in this guide, I have mentioned all the possible solutions to fix Showbox not working issue on Android and I hope you have fixed this error. But still, if it is not solved then you can use other apps that provide free content.

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