How To Fix “SIM Not Provisioned MM2” Error On Android

Solutions To Fix Android SIM Not Provisioned MM2 Error

Have you purchased a new Android phone? You are very excited to use it and you insert a SIM card on your phone. But you see that your phone shows an error “SIM not provisioned MM2”. You don’t know why this error occurs and how to fix it. Don’t Panic! This guide will teach you how to fix SIM not provisioned MM2 on Android as well as why this error is occurring.

What Does SIM Card Not Provisioned MM2 Mean?

When you see “SIM card not provisioned MM2” error then it means that your SIM card is not activated to be used with your Android smartphone. This error can occur on your phone after you port your SIM card to another network.

Why Does Your Phone Say SIM Not Provisioned?

There can be various reasons that can result “SIM not provisioned” error on Android. But, it generally comes on those users’ phones who have registered a new SIM card. If you are facing this problem due to other reasons or if your SIM card is not working then the issue is with your SIM card and you need to change it.

Nevertheless, below I have mentioned a list of situations when the “SIM not provisioned” issue you face on your Android device.

  • When you are transferring your contacts to a new SIM card.
  • When you buy a new SIM card for your new smartphone.
  • If the carrier network provider’s authorized server is not available.
  • When you are out of the carrier’s coverage area.
  • If you have not activated the roaming agreement.
  • When you have not activated a new SIM card.

If you have not bought any new SIM card and the old SIM was working fine but now it pop-up error “SIM not provisioned” then there are some reasons behind this which are mentioned below.

  • When your SIM card is too old then it can go dead and show this issue.
  • If you have not inserted the SIM card properly.
  • When your SIM card’s tray contains dust particles.

Another reason for “SIM card provisioned” error, could be that your SIM card got deactivated by your carrier provider as it has been locked for a specific phone. And if you insert such SIM card on your new or old phone then you may see the message “SIM not valid”.

So, these are the reasons for the occurrence of “SIM not provisioned” error on Android.

Now, let us learn the solutions to fix “SIM not provisioned MM2” on Android.

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Solution 1: Restart Your Android

You can restart your phone to fix SIM not provisioned mm#2. It sounds weird but it has helped many users to fix the issue.

Simply press and hold the Power button until you see the Power menu on the screen. Now, tap on Restart/Reboot option. You can also tap on Power off option and after a few minutes switch on it again by pressing the Power key.

Restart Android Phone

Solution 2: Enable Airplane Mode

You can simply put your Android phone into airplane mode or flight mode for a few minutes for fixing this problem. Doing this will help the SIM card to reconnect with the carrier network and it may connect automatically.

To put your Android phone into Airplane mode, simply go to the Quick Settings menu or notification tab. Find the icon of Airplane Mode/Flight Mode and tap on it to enable it.

Wait for a few seconds and then disable the Airplane mode and check “SIM not provisioned MM2” issue is coming or not.

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Solution 3: Insert SIM Card Correctly

As I have told earlier that if the SIM card is not inserted properly then it can also cause “SIM not provisioned MM2” error. There you should check that you inserted the SIM card properly.

Insert SIM Card Correctly

This can also cause due to issues with the shape of the SIM card and if the SIM slot has been damaged.

To check if your SIM card is inserted correctly, switch off your phone and then check:

  • If you have a removable battery then remove the back cover and battery and see the SIM card is inserted correctly.
  • If you have a phone with an unremovable battery then you will find the SIM card slot at the side of the phone. With the help of SIM card ejector tool take out the SIM card try and check the SIM card is correctly inserted. If not then insert it properly. Also, check that the SIM card slot is not damaged. If you find dust particles in the SIM card tray then remove it with the help of clean cotton cloth or you can give it a blow.

Solution 4: Activate Your SIM Card

When your insert a SIM card on your new phone then it gets activated automatically within 24 hours. But if your SIM doesn’t activate then you have 3 options to enable activation – call an automated number, send an SMS, log onto the activation page on the carrier’s website.

All these three options are quick and easy but it depends upon your carrier to support them.

Solution 5: Check If SIM Card Is Not Broken

You should also check that your SIM card is not broken or physically damaged in any way.

You can check the SIM card condition by pulling out the SIM card tray out of your phone. Then, take out the SIM card and check that it is not damaged and there are no scratch marks.

If you find that your SIM card is damaged then you need to change it by your carrier. But, if your SIM card is not damaged then follow the next solution.

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Solution 6: Insert The SIM Card On Another Device

It is possible that there is no issue with your SIM card and your Android device is the culprit for this error. What you have to do is, simply put the SIM card on another phone and try to make a call. If it is working then there is some problem with your device.

But if you are unable to make a call then there is a problem with your SIM card.

Solution 7: Wait For Some Time After Activation

You can also get “SIM card not provisioned” issue on your Android phone or tablet if you use the SIM card too early after activating.

You should wait at least 24 hours after activating your SIM. So, if you use your SIM card too early and get this error then you should wait at least 1 day and then check the error is coming to not.

Solution 8: Try Other SIM Card Slot

Sometimes the SIM card slot gets corrupted and when you insert your SIM card to that slot then it shows you “SIM not provisioned MM2” error on your Android.

Try Other SIM Card Slot

To check this, you can use another SIM card slot of your phone as most of Android phones are providing two SIM card slots.

Simply take out the SIM card tray with the help of SIM ejector tool and take out the SIM card from one slot and put it in another slot.

Now, check the issue is resolved or not. If it is solved then your SIM slot on which you have kept the SIM card earlier got corrupted and due to this, you are facing the issue.

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Solution 9: Update Carrier Settings

Just like Android OS gets a timely update, SIM carriers also launch an update to improve the quality. These updates help your phone to connect to the latest services your wireless carrier has to offer.

Follow the below steps to update your carrier settings.

Step 1: Open Settings app and then tap on About Phone.

Step 2: After that, hit on Update profile option (this option will only come if you haven’t installed the carrier update).

On some Android phones, you will get this option by going to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update.

Some Android devices have a specific page for carrier settings. You can find it easy by searching for “Carrier Settings” in the setting’s search menu.

Solution 10: Update The Carrier Service App

If you have not updated Carrier Services app on your Android device, then I could also cause “SIM not provisioned MM2” error on your device. This will update the connection with the carrier network.

Update The Carrier Service App

Generally, the app is updated itself whenever it finds a stable Wi-Fi connection. But you can also update it manually.

Simply open Google Play Store app on your phone. Then enter the app name in the search box. After that, tap on Update button to download and install the app.

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Solution 11: Contact Your Carrier Or Network Provider

If your SIM card won’t activate then you should call your carrier or network provider using another phone. Tell them the issue and then solutions you have taken earlier.

Contact Your Carrier Or Network Provider

If there is a problem with the activation server then this will prevent your SIM card from activating. And this can also result “SIM not provisioned MM2” issue on your Android device.

Your carrier will be on the line while seeing the issue. If there is an issue with the activation server then it can take more time to get the SIM activated. This will help you to tell a reason for the issue and a possible date for fixing it.

Bottom Line

These are the 11 different ways you can fix “SIM Not Provisioned MM 2” error on Android. It is important that you take steps as soon as possible to keep your Android phone functioning. Hopefully, you have found the solution to resolve this SIM error.