Fix Twitter Error “Something went wrong. Try reloading”

How To Solve Something went wrong. Try reloading on Twitter

Are you getting “Something went wrong. Try reloading” on Twitter?

It’s a recent issue that many users are facing, in which this error occurs and they can’t able to review tweets.

As we all know, Twitter has tons of users and a famous social media platform, but sometimes it occurs such problems.

Since 2006, it has launched many updates to fix bugs and glitches, but it still has some errors.

In this guide, we cover this article on how to fix Twitter error Something went wrong. Try reloading” issue with troubleshooting fixes for Android, PC, and iPhone.

Keep reading the guide to know the fixes on it, but before that let’s take a look at the causes behind this error.

Causes: Why Does Twitter Keep Saying Something Went Wrong Try Reloading?

1. Server Is Down – As with any other platform, the Twitter server also goes down sometimes, in such a case, you may see this error and can’t able to open the platform.

2. Issues With Your Phone – Problems in devices like outdated software or app, corrupted cache, and any other problems can also cause this error.

3. Slow & Unstable Connection – A slow and unstable internet connection can take forever to load a website or app. So, maybe you are using a slow network to access Twitter that’s why it’s showing the error.

These are some common reasons behind the problem, let’s check out the fixes for it.

Note: Below mentioned methods will work on iPhone, Android, and PC.

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Quick Fixes: What To Do When Twitter Says Something Went Wrong?

These are some other troubleshooting fixes that you can try before performing any other aggressive methods.

1. Update The App – First, try to update the app from Google Play Store or App Store, because there are chances that errors are caused by minor bugs or glitches, which can be easily fixed by updating the app.

2. Restart Your System/Phone – A normal phone and system restart can fix minor glitches. So, try restarting and see if it resolves the problem or not.

3. Update Software – Software bugs and glitches can also cause this type of error, try updating the software also to prevent such problems.

4. Turn On & Off Airplane Mode – If you find the connection is unstable, then you can try turning on and off the Airplane Mode, it can refresh the network. You can also check your internet speed through Speed Test.

If you are using mobile data, then try connecting to Wi-Fi, it will provide a better connection.

5. Re-Connect To Wi-Fi – If you are connected to a Wi-Fi router and facing this issue, then try turning off the router and turn it on again and check if it solves the problem.

6. Restart The App – Try restarting the app or website itself once, because it can easily solve minor bugs.

7. Try Clearing Cache or Offloading Twitter – Sometimes, the corrupted cache can also lead to such issues, try clearing the cache and see if it works or not. iPhone users can offload the app and install the app again.

These are some quick fixes that you can try to troubleshoot the problem.

Now, let’s try other methods to fix it.

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How To Solve “Something Went Wrong. Try Reloading” On Twitter

#1. Try Connecting To A VPN

When something went wrong error occurs, then force close the app or website and try connecting to a VPN.

Once done, then open the app or website and check if it solves the problem.

You can use VPNs like Proton VPN, Ultrasurf VPN, and many others.

#2. Check Twitter Server Status

Usually, this type of error happens due to server-related problems.

So, don’t waste your time doing unwanted troubleshooting, just see the server status of the platform first. You can check through the Downdetector website.

Check Twitter Server Status

If you see a spike, then most probably the server went down. Wait until it gets fixed.

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#3. Clear Browser Cache & Cookies

A corrupted cache of a browser can also cause such errors on the website. So, to troubleshoot when “something went wrong. Try reloading” on Twitter occurs, try clearing the browser cache & cookies.

Here are the steps to clear cache & cookies on Google Chrome Browser.

#4. Use Web Version Of Twitter

If you are using the app and facing the problem, then try using the web version of Twitter, because error usually doesn’t occur on both website and the app until the server is down itself.

Navigate to your specific browser and open the incognito or private mode, then simply go to and see tweets.

Use Web Version Of Twitter

Just a reminder, if you are already using the web version, then try using the app instead.

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#5. Try Tapping On The “Retry” Option

If you see the “Something went wrong. Try reloading” while viewing tweets, then there will be a retry option. Try tapping on the “Retry” option, it will reload the page and may fix the problem.

Tap The Retry Option On Twitter

If it still exists, wait for some time and try again.

#6. Wait For 24 To 48 Hours

It might be this message occurs due to some maintenance break or some updates, in such a case wait for few hours until it gets resolved on its own.

Another possibility might be you have been rated limited temporarily, in such a case wait for 24 to 48 hours to be lifted. It usually lasts for 24 to 48 hours.

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People Also Ask

Question – Why Does Twitter Keep Saying Something Went Wrong Try Reloading?

Answer – If Twitter starts displaying the message “Something went wrong. Try reloading”, then it’s very possible that it displayed due to your slow or unstable connection or their server being down and the website experiencing an outage.

Question – What To Do When Twitter Says Something Went Wrong?

Answer – If Twitter starts showing this message, then try checking its server status and your internet connection. Also, update the app and try clearing the browser cache & cookies.

You can check the methods mentioned above for more details and explanations about the error and fixes.

Question – Is There An Issue With Twitter Today?
Answer –
You can check the server status of Twitter by going through the link. There you will find out the status and whenever it goes down, it will be updated there.

Question – Why Is Twitter Feed Not Loading?

Answer – Most probably, your network connection is slow or not fast enough or due to a technical network glitch. In such a case, the feed may take so long to load or maybe not even load.

Try enabling/disabling Airplane mode to solve any network-related issues. It can refresh the network.

Bottom Line

Twitter is a worldwide famous social media platform, but it still has some issues. To fix those issues, we provided this guide on How to fix Twitter “Something went wrong. Try reloading” error.

I hope you have learned some new tricks to troubleshoot the error.

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