How To Unbrick Android Phone [11 Solutions]

Learn To Unbrick an Android Phone

When an Android phone or tablet won’t turn on then it is known as bricked. And it can be used as brick as the device has no available functionality. But you don’t have to panic as you can fix your bricked Android device. In this tutorial, I will share different solutions on how to unbrick Android phone or tablet. So, just keep reading this tutorial and you will be able to fix the problem.

What Is Soft Bricked?

When your device turns on but it is non-functional is known as soft bricked.

What Is Hard Bricked?

When your Android device does not turn on at all after tying many times and you can only see the dead screen is known as hard bricked.

Before learning the solutions to unbrick a bricked Android phone let us first learn the reason behind the bricked Android devices.

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Reasons Behind The Bricked Android Devices

Here are some of the reasons that can cause your Android device to brick.

  • When the update is not completed properly.
  • Problems associated with rooting your Android phone or tablet.
  • Due to corrupted system files.
  • When virus or malware inters in your device.
  • When the device freezes on boot screen or gets stuck in boot loop.
  • If you have flashed a ROM or installed an incompatible ROM.
  • Accidentally dropped your Android device into water.
  • When your device is physically damaged.

Now, let us learn the solutions to unbrick Android Phone or tablet!

Solution 1: Hard Reboot Your Android

If your Android device switches on and then instantly freeze up then you should hard reboot your device. To hard reboot your Android phone you need to press and hold both Power and Volume Down buttons, but the combination of buttons may vary from phone to phone model.

Solution 2: Remove And Reinsert The Battery

Reboot Android Phone

If your phone has a removable battery then remove it out and then insert it again. You can also plug the device’s charger to your phone to check that the battery is good and it is not the culprit for this problem.

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Solution 3: Keep Your Bricked Phone In A Bag Of Rice

Keep Phone In A Bag Full of Rice

If your smartphone is water damaged and due to this it gets bricked then to unbrick your phone, you can keep your phone in a plastic bag which is filled with raw rice for one night. The rice will absorb the water from your water-damaged phone and this can fix the issue.

Solution 4: Contact Your Service Provider

When your phone is bricked then you can contact your service provider. They can be able to restore your phone and can also recover your files in the store.

Solution 5: Contact The Manufacturer

If your Android phone or tablet is still under warranty period then you can contact the manufacturer. They can fix it or replace your phone. But if you have rooted your device then you have lost the warranty and you will have to unbrick the phone by yourself.

Solution 6: Change The Screen

Change Phone Screen

If your phone switches on but the screen remain black then it means your device is not bricked. Maybe your phone’s display has some problem, in this case, you can take your phone to a repair phone and change the screen.

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Solution 7: Wipe Cache Partition

If you have flash a new ROM then your device can get soft bricked. So, if you have currently flashed a ROM and your phone is not booting up into Home screen then it means that you might have forgotten to wipe cache and data.

So, here follow the below steps wipe cache partition and data of Android device in Recovery mode.

Step 1: Switch Off your phone and then press and hold Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously to enter your device into Recovery mode.

Step 2: After that highlight Wipe Cache Partition option by using the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Then select Wipe Cache Partition by using the Power button.

Wipe Cache Partition on Android

Now check if your bricked Android is fixed or not.

If fixed, good. If not fixed then follow the next solution.

I hope you successfully unbricked your Android and it starts normally.

Solution 8: Reboot Your Device Into Recovery Mode

You can unbrick a soft bricked phone by rebooting your Android device into Recovery Mode.

Here, follow the steps to reboot Android device into recovery mode to unbrick Android phone or tablet.

Step 1: Switch Off your phone. Press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons. Your device will reboot into Recovery Mode.

Step 2: Now, by using Volume buttons go to menu button and highlight Reboot system now.

Step 3: Select the highlighted option by using Power button.

Now, wait to check if the phone reboots as normal or not.

Note: The steps to boot into Recovery mode depends upon phone to phone models.

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Solution 9: Factory Reset Your Android Device In Recovery Mode

If you have made some changes to your Android phone and due to this your Android gets soft bricked then you can reverse those changes by doing a factory reset.

Note: Doing a factory reset will wipe your Android device’s data, apps and other settings.

Below, follow the steps to factory reset your Android device to unbrick your phone without a computer.

Step 1: Boot your device into Recovery Mode. Switch Off your phone. Press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons. Your device will reboot into Recovery Mode.

Step 2: Now, choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

Factory Reset Android In Recovery Mode

Step 3: After that, choose YES to reset the phone and wait. Once the resetting process gets completed, your device will return to the recovery mode main menu.

Step 4: Lastly, choose Reboot system now.

If the above steps work successfully, your Android will boot up as normal. Now, you can set up your phone.

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Solution 10: Reinstall The Factory Version Of Your OS

If your Android phone or tablet has an SD card slot then you can reinstall your device’s OS. This will delete all your device’s data.

Here, follow the below steps to reinstall the factory version of your OS.

Step 1: Find the web for a ROM file of the factory firmware for your Android phone. You can start it in the XDA developer forum by typing your device name + stock rom in the search bar.

Step 2: Now, download the suitable ROM (which should be in a ZIP file) to a SD card.

Step 3: Now, enter your phone into recovery mode.

Step 4: Choose Install updates from SD card.

Step 5: Choose the ZIP file which contains the ROM.

Step 6: Select Reboot system now.

Note: If you flash an incompatible ROM then it can hard brick your device. So, before downloading the firmware ensure that the firmware is compatible for your model.

Solution 11: Try Android System Repair Software To Unbrick Android Phone

If the above-discussed solutions have failed to fix a bricked phone then you are suggested to try Android System Repair which is the perfect Android Unbrick Software. This program will help you to effectively unbrick android within few minutes. Android Repair tool is the best tool to repair Android phones or tablets and fix all OS related issues. You need to only follow a few steps and after few minutes all the Android issues will be solved.

Key Features Of Android System Repair Software:

  • Designed to fix almost all Android issues.
  • The software has fastest repairing rate and fixes the Android issues in few minutes.
  • Anyone can use this software without any technical knowledge.
  • Supports all models of Android phone or tablet.

Download/Buy Now Android Repair Tool For Windows Now To Unbrick Android Phone

Below, follow the complete steps to use Android System Repair software to unbrick Android phone or tablet.

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Steps To Unbrick Android Phone or Tablet Using Android Repair Software

Launch Android Repair software and click on “Start” button from the main screen.

Step 1: Enter Details For Your Android Device And Download Firmware

Once you clicked on the Start button, you will need to enter the details of your Android phone/tablets to download the correct firmware. You can see the below picture. After entering the important details click on the “Download Firmware” button.

The software will then automatically download and extract the firmware for your device.

When the extraction process gets over, confirm the entered info is correct. If any detail is wrong then correct it. If you don’t do this then the software may not fix the issue but instead, it can damage your phone. And the fixing process may cause your information to be wiped as well.

Step 2: Connect your Android Device To Your PC And Enter It In Download Mode

When the device info is right then hit on “Start” button.

Connect your Android device to your PC using a USB cable. Please check that your mobile is in “Download Mode” in order to fix it. After your device entered download mode, the software will start fixing your Android device by itself.

If your smartphone has a Home button, then follow the below steps:

  • Power OFF your device
  • Press and hold the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons simultaneously. Continue pressing the buttons unless the warning message appears on the phone’s screen.
  • Then put your phone in download mode by pressing the Volume Up key.

If your phone does not has a Home key, then follow the below steps:

  • Power OFF your smartphone by holding the Power button.
  • Then press and hold the Volume Down + Bixby + Power buttons simultaneously. Continue pressing the buttons unless the warning message appears on the phone’s screen.
  • Then put your phone in download mode by pressing the Volume Up key.

Step 3: Repair Your Android Operating System (OS)

When your device successfully entered into download mode then the software will automatically fix all the issues from your Android OS. Please do not disconnect your device from the computer when this process is going on. If you do this then this may brick/damage your Android phone or tablet.

When your device gets repaired then it will restart by itself.

Solution 12: Visit Phone’s Repair Shop

If your Android phone is hard bricked and your phone is not in a warranty period then you should visit the phone repair shop to fix hard bricked phone. They will fix it and you need to pay for it.

Bottom Line

I hope you have learned what a bricked phone is and how to unbrick Android phone or tablet. If you want to unbrick your Android device in few minutes then you should use Android System Repair software which is a perfect Android Unbrick tool.

Soft bricked phone can be unbricked but if it is hard bricked then you need to visit the phone repair shop to repair your Android device if it is not on a warranty period.