[SOLVED] “You can’t leave likes for 3 days” on Instagram

How To Solve You can't leave likes for 3 days on Instagram

Recently, you will face plenty of errors and issues on Instagram and one of them is “You can’t leave likes for 3 days Your account activity may not follow our Community Guidelines”.

Are you also facing the “You can’t leave likes for 3 days” error on Instagram?

If yes, then this guide is for you, as it covers the recently ongoing topic of how to fixYou can’t leave likes for 3 dayson Instagram.

Once this error occurs, you will get a message and be restricted from liking posts.

Also, you will find a button that will show your account status when you tap on it, but there is no option to appeal.

Don’t worry! Try performing the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this guide.

First, let’s talk about the reason for appearing this strange error.

Causes: Why Is Instagram Not Letting Me Like Posts?

Liking Too Many Posts According to Instagram community guidelines, if you liked too many posts in a day it will be seen as spam behavior, you will be rated limited for 3 days by Instagram to avoid automation, abuse, and spam.

The same goes for any type of spamming activity like, following and unfollowing in an excessive amount can lead you to account restriction.

You can try checking your account status by heading to Profile > Menu > Settings and Privacy> Account status.

Because, sometimes you will get restricted by mistake.

So, try checking your account status to see if Instagram has taken any actions when you violated their community guidelines.

Now, let’s get into the fixes for it.

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How To Solve “You can’t leave likes for 3 days” On Instagram

#1. Try Waiting For 3 Days

The first method is to wait patiently for 3 days until you will get unrestricted.

Because the Instagram error “You can’t leave likes for 3 days” is temporary and once you get unrestricted you can like posts again.

Keep in mind, sometimes it will need more than 3 days to be unrestricted.

#2. Try Using Instagram Web

If you don’t want to wait for 3 days and want to like posts of your friends or anyone, then you can use the Instagram web version.

On your PC, open instagram.com and log in to your account, then check if the issue is fixed or not by liking any post.

Another method is that you can download Instagram App on your PC from Microsoft Store.

Now, click on “Get in Store app” It will take you to the store and you can download the app from there.

Download Instagram From Microsoft Store

Once done, simply log in to your account, then try to like a post to confirm if it resolves the error.

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#3. Try Using Instagram Lite

In case, if the above method didn’t work for you and you are unable to like posts on Instagram, then you can download the lite version of the app.

Many users have gotten the ability to like posts by downloading Instagram Lite.

Once you are done installing it, then open it and log in to your account, and try liking any post to check if the issue resolves or not.

#4. Try Using Another Account

If you have restricted that you can’t leave like for 3 days, then you can try using another account to like posts.

Wait for 3 days to get unrestricted on your main account and use another account to like posts temporarily.

If you don’t have any other, then create one and use it.

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#5. Report A Problem

If none of the methods help you, and you have waited for 3 days but still are rated limited, then you can report a problem to Instagram.

These are the steps on how to contact Instagram.

Step 1 – Navigate to Instagram > Profile > Menu (Three Line Icon).

Step 2 – Then, tap Settings and Privacy > Help > Report a Problem.

Report a Problem To Instagram

Step 3 – Once you tap on Report a Problem, there will be two options “Learn how to report abuse or spam” and “Report problem without shaking”.

Step 4 – Simply tap on “Report problem without shaking” then tap Include and continue.

Tap on Report problem without shaking on Instagram

Step 5 – Now, describe your issue and tap on Send. You can even upload screenshots, which will help them better understand the issue.

Report a Problem To Instagram by tapping Send button

You can even Report a Problem by shaking your phone if you have enabled “Shake phone to report a problem”.

Shake phone to report a problem on Instagram

People Also Ask

Why Does Instagram Limit Likes?

Instagram limit likes to prevent engagement bots from roaming and spamming. The daily limit of every user is 1000 likes and 200 comments. If you surpass these limits, then you may restrict yourself for some time from liking posts.

Why Is Instagram Not Letting Me Like Posts?

It might be you have violated Instagram Community guidelines or that you’ve liked too many posts in a day. Because any action performed in excessive amounts will be seen as spam.

Bottom Line

Here is the completion of this guide on how to fix “You can’t leave likes for 3 days” on Instagram.

We suggest, don’t like too many posts in a day, because it can be counted as spam. Also don’t perform any action for so long such as following and unfollowing too many people a day or any other actions.

I hope the information mentioned in this guide has helped you to know more about the guidelines of Instagram.

If it does, then don’t forget to share this post, it can help the needed users also with your share.

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