How To Fix YouTube ReVanced Buffering and Stopping Videos

How To Solve YouTube ReVanced Buffering and Stopping Videos

Since YouTube Vanced discontinued, YouTube ReVanced come to rescue us with comparable features.

This app offers features like background playback, ad-blocking, picture-in-picture mode, and video downloads.

It offers you ad-free music listening with YouTube Music Premium and lets you explore music genres.

It also allows the users customization options like, color and theme changes, and resolution control.

However, people are facing YouTube ReVanced buffering issues.

So, we decided to help you with this guide on how to fix YouTube ReVanced buffering and stopping videos.

Follow the below methods to fix the issue.

How To Fix YouTube ReVanced Buffering And Stopping Videos

Below mentioned methods will fix the following issues.

  • How do you fix a Revanced buffer?
  • ReVanced extended buffering.
  • YouTube Vanced buffering after a few seconds.
  • YouTube ReVanced black screen buffering.
  • ReVanced buffering issue.
  • ReVanced random buffering.
  • YouTube ReVanced (or Vanced) buffering after 1 minute into a video.
  • YouTube ReVanced keeps stopping.
  • ReVanced videos stop playing.

Now, let’s get into the fixes.

Video Guide: Fix YouTube ReVanced Buffering and Stopping Videos

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Fixes #1. Download Latest RVX and MicroG Builds

The first method, downloading the latest version of RVX and MicroG builds and using it.

Download Links:

  1. RVX Builder
  2. RVX Manager
  3. Inotia mMicroG
  4. Inotia VancedMicroG

Fixes #2. Clean Install RVX And MicroG

Follow these steps.

Step 1 – Open RVX > Settings > ReVanced Extended.

Step 2 – Navigate to Miscellaneous, then turn on Spoof player parameter.

Step 3 – Now, turn on Spoof Spoof app version and spoof the app to the latest version.

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Fixes #3. Watch Through Video Tab

The third method, instead of playing videos from search results, you can try playing videos through the creator’s video tab.

Open the channel, then go to the video section and find the video you want to play.

Fixes #4. Turn On Spoof Player Parameter

Try enabling the Spoof player parameter from Settings. Here follow the steps to do so.

Step 1 – Open Settings and go to ReVanced Extended.

Step 2 – Navigate to Miscellaneous, then simply enable Spoof player parameter.

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Fixes #5. Try Reinstalling YouTube ReVanced

The fifth method, you can try uninstalling YouTube ReVanced, then install YouTube v18.23.35 (nodpi) APK through APKMirror.

Also, download ReVanced Manager v 1.6.0 or try updating it to the latest version.

Download Links:

  1. ReVanced Builder
  2. ReVanced Manager
  3. ReVanced CLI (PC Patching)
  4. Revancify
  5. Revancify X
  6. YouTube Apk v18.23.35

Fixes #6. Use YouTube In Incognito Mode or Another Google Account

Lastly, try using YouTube in Incognito mode or try using a different Google account to fix the problem.

You can also try connecting to a VPN because many users get it fixed by connecting to a VPN.

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Fixes #7. Disable Spoof App Signature

Many users find it working when disabling Spoof App Signature. So, why not give it a try?

Go to YouTube ReVanced Settings > ReVanced Extended > Miscellaneous, then turn off Spoof App Signature.

Bottom Line

Here is the end of the guide, in today’s topic you have learned about how to fix YouTube ReVanced buffering and stopping videos.

Whenever you find such issues, read the detailed guide and fix the problem easily.

I hope the mentioned methods have helped you, if it does, then feel free to share this post with others.

I will also help the other user as well.

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